Wednesday, May 27

A Lovely Evening, Anticipating a Special Tomorrow. 5/27/15

     I am happy. Thank you for dropping by. So much to say and this isn't the time to express myself.  My first client I see at 8:30 a.m. And it is midnight, as it is.

     I enjoyed writing the previous post.  I hope you did too.  It had a life of its own.  The craft of writing is akin to sculpting. Hemingway said it took nothing to be a writer. All you have to do, he said, is sit at the typewriter and

     I am thankful for life and the richness it offers.  I feel blessed, believing that I am the wealthiest man on earth.  Abundance is not in how much we have, but in how much we enjoy.  I'd venture to say over the past four years I have shared at least 30,000 gratitudes, not counting those I've penned in my black-spined composition book.

     Tonight means I don't have to die to know what my funeral will look like.  A gathering of friends shared what they like and love about me.  I was humbled.  I wept, several times.  I agree with Emerson, if I can make one life breathe more easily, than my life has been a success.

    I was gifted several ways this evening. Even receiving an unexpected letter from someone special. Something dear to me, that moves me deeply, was given also.  Thank you, Jane.  I heard from my oldest brother.

    We reminisced about family.  He told me his experience several years ago, when I entered this world and was brought home from the hospital.  Why all the fuss tonight? Because tomorrow is my birthday.

    Wishing you a great and grateful Thursday.  I know mine will be!

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Thumper said...

Dear Pablo,

Happy Birthday to an amazing person!!!


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