Wednesday, May 20

Courage Faced A Great Opportunity

  Gratitudes for Today:
1.  I think I am attending a concert next week. Variety keeps my mind alert, allowing me to see things from different perspectives. Change to routine provides
new ideas, preventing my mind from ossifying.
2.  I am happy.  Life is going my way, not that I am insisting that it does. But it is sure is nice.
3.  I enjoyed the time spent with others today. Closeness, connection, intimacy, emotional safety and creativity stretched their legs. What a gift it is, relating with kind, big-hearted people.
4.  I wish all days were paced like today.  I studied, saw clients, had a great chat with the mailman, got work in order, straightened my house and saw more clients, ending the day visiting with a good friend over the phone. My friend even encouraged me.
5.  I love life.  Serving others is fulfilling. Listening to inspiring music while working, is swell, too.
6. Courage within faced an opportunity for happiness. The outcome was uncertain, the result, outstanding. Got you curious?
7. I look forward to cycling tomorrow. Can't wait. I'll stroll on two wheels in wooded hills for at least two hours.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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