Thursday, May 7

A Respite from Restlessness...... 5/7/15

      After a week without one, I have a cell phone once again. My related gratitudes?
1.  It was peaceful and frustrating, during this time of telephone fasting.  Not being tethered to today's technology was blissful, not being barraged by unwanted internet information and constant alerts.  I was my own man.  Not beckoned by a constant stream of e-mails, texts and phone calls allowed my soul
to expand in nooks and crannies of my life often occupied by electronic data.  My soul enjoyed not being on call, throughout the day, every day.

     On the other hand, I had difficulty staying on top of my work. Mixups with clients. They texted, thinking I read their messages.  Not possible when my phone was shattered by weight of a car.
2.  The days were quieter.  Heaven.  I had more time to think and study, both are terrific ways of spending time.  I had more time to focus on breathing.  Stillness in the midst of urban society was refreshing, invigorating.
3.  The past week was an opportunity to practice patience. My life moved to a crawl. Not bad, in my book.

What are your gratitudes for today? 

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That's how, what we might take for a curse, can become a blessing! Thanks for pointing it out to us!

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