Wednesday, May 6

Gnat Swatted, Serenity Restored 5/6/15

        A pesty gnat was swatted today.  She thought intimidation and condemnation motivates me.  She thought wrong.  It feels wonderful, being present, not letting another person rent
territory in the property of my mind.

      This unpleasant, angry individual was upset with me.  That means I am doing something right.  I am happy, not triggered by the manipu-lations of others.  What liberty it is, not being tethered to the toxicity of an abusive, hyper-controlling person. 

      I thanked her for the judgmental comments she tossed at me. I was not surprised receiving them. They are residue from action I took regarding her in mid April. What she said revealed her values and worldview.  No where near them do I want to be.  Emotional safety is necessary for me to thrive. That won't happen if I hang around her. 
1.  I don't accept unacceptable behavior.  Now, all my clients are wonderful. 
2.  Soon, I'll have a cell phone. I can't buy a new one until the previous phone is 90 days old, even if it was squashed by a car last Thursday.  That will happen in a few days, not the squashing, the time period.  
3.  A friend helped me when I was at a loss, not knowing what to do.
4.  Wonderful memories about my time on Sunday, cycling and traveling with my son. 
5.  More sanity regarding someone I know.  Tortured no longer. 
6.  I lost my wallet Sunday.  My mind has been on other things.  Why a gratitude?  It's an opportunity for me to be gentle, kind, gracious towards myself.  Cards were cancelled.  Fortunately, I use a money clip---no cash was lost, all my checks were deposited on Friday.  Lucky!
7.  I enjoyed what I wrote early Monday, for the inn.  I love the process of writing.  Thank you, for joining me as I journey through world of my perceptions and feelings. 

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today? 


Thumper said...


Here are my gratitudes:

1. For the strength and poise my son has exhibited while dealing with toxic bullies. I am so PROUD!

2. For the kind and truthful words the vice principal spoke over my son, while offering him a letter of recommendation if he ever needs it!

3. For my beautiful and AMAZING daughter who is having an 11th birthday on Friday!

4. For friends who are showing true bravery and recovery in a VERY TOXIC environment (including myself).

5. For the person I am becoming. I am not the same person I was two years ago. I am tremendously grateful for the growth I have achieved. There is no going back!


What you are saying, Pablo, is correct, but a nagging voice in my head keeps telling me, if you are still talking about it, you are not free of that situation. Sorry, that's how I perceive it,

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