Monday, May 19

The Week in Review: Perspective From an Exhausted Innkeeper ....5/19/14

      I'm weary, worn to the bone.  Putting in a long day of work will do that.  After seeing four clients, I went to a restaurant, sitting at a booth, adding notes to their files, until 11:00.  I'm still there.

      Perspective is important.  Each new week is a mini-milestone.  They prompt me to review how I adapted to the high and low tides of  the previous week.

1.  I said my no as gently as my
yes. I like being congruent with my integrity.  I like that I don't react when facing disappointment.  Instead, I see what I can do to take care of my needs.
2.  I saw the true nature of a relationship I've known for several years.  I appreciate having a people picker that isn't broken due to denial.

     I appreciate the harmony I have within myself, even when unpleasantly surprised.  Principles guide me.  They are less fickle, more steady, than emotions.
      I will express my disappointment, soon, with the person who revealed his true nature.
3.  I'm sleeping better.  Yaay!  Rest is critical for me to thrive and enjoy life fully.  Part of taking care of me is making sure I set aside time for rest.
4.  I faced challenges last week. I relied upon my standards, not swayed by the pressure of others.  I love freedom from codependency. Being internally referented provides me with the peace and joy I need.
5.  My profession makes me to grow.  I love seeing my life become richer and fuller with each new month.  I appreciate the stimulation that happens as I enjoy increasing wholeness as a person.
6.  I am grateful for every person who drops by, especially those who leave comments.  Community is what this place is about.  I am also happy for the friends I have.
7.  I treated someone who has been kind.  I took him out, listened to him and he spoke for two hours, while enjoying a terrific meal in Albany.
8.  I celebrated Mother's Day with someone who deserved to be honored.  I treated her, as she was overlooked by someone who is unable to appreciate her because of his narcissism.
9.  The Wednesday meeting was a wonderful tonic for my soul.  I like the honesty and openness demonstrated there.  It is a safe place. The gathering allows me to unwind. It is an oasis in the midst of the desert of urban living.
10. I know peace of mind and joy, even when disappointed and saddened by the selfishness of others, something I experienced the past week.

1.  I don't like deceit.  I experienced it, by someone I trusted.
2.  I realize I have been used.  See the preceding low.
3.  I haven't cycled in awhile. It's a great stress reliever.  I miss it.
4.  I was not happy when relating with someone last week.  It prompted my post about us learning from our head and not truly growing characterologically.

How About You? 
What were your highs and lows for last week.

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