Tuesday, May 27

The Innkeeper Reveals Another Side ................... 5/27/14

       Playing the guitar for a friend.  Singing for an hour-and-a-half, too.  Celebrating the warm weather, shady trees and the day semi-off.  A refreshing departure from my normal routine.

         I worked Monday afternoon. Afterwards, having dinner with a friend.  We dropped by a music store, got a replacement D string and cruised to a local a park in San Leandro.  I surprised my friend, pulling out a
guitar case out of the backseat of the car.  This person never heard me play or sing.

         Inside the case, I picked a harmonica---in the key of A, one of many, in different keys---and wailed Chicago blues, bending notes.  Laying aside this small instrument on top of my Panama hat that lay on a picnic table, I began caressing guitar strings while singing.  My vocal chords got reacquainted with tunes not visited in two years.  A flat pick I don't use.  I pick with all fingers, the result of training in classical guitar.

        I'm preparing to serenade someone special, soon.

        Life is about adapting, being resilient.  This past weekend required flexibility, when life's course varied from my well-laid plans.  Monday, I improvised,  I hadn't planned on being in town.

1.  Music. It is a rich expressive language, conveying an expansive range of emotions in ways otherwise impossible.  It's also a soothing way to discharge tension.
2.  My supportive community.  I become emotionally spent, if I don't recharge my spirit spending time with those who love me unconditionally.  I am fortunate having many Safe People.
3.  This year is the best year of my life.  I have had lows. But, I've learned how to deal with disappointment and thrive, even when I am flattened by disappointing circumstances.
4.   Learning the true nature of a person I had invested in for several years.  Truth can hurt.  But I prefer reality to fantasy. Reality I can count on.

       I balance negative truths with actions that nurture me.  I know how to be gentle towards myself when I am skidding through the rough patches of life.
5.  I'm going to hear jazz tomorrow at the Fairmont, in San Francisco.  I look forward to celebrating a special day.
6.  For confidence.  I confronted an issue today. I am not a sycophant.  Tremendous pressure was placed upon me, to deviate from healthy principles.  I stuck to my values, calmly, firmly and resolutely.  I said what I mean, meant what I said, but didn't say it meanly.
7.  I made an amends tonight. What I love about doing that, is that amends making is for my sake, not the person offended.

       I cleaned my side of the street.  How the other person responds is irrelevant.  I do it, to salve my conscience, by making things right as much as is practicable.

How About You? 
Please share your three gratitudes for today?

        A happy and resolute innkeeper

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