Sunday, May 18

My Acquaintance Ins't God and Neither Am I ....5/18/14

      Do you believe you are God?


      For a moment, there, I was worried.  I was going to get a bucket of water and ask you to stand on it and not get your feet wet.  I am relieved you do not think you are the Almighty.  I am not God either.  I'm glad that fact is settled.

      Someone I've seen for more than
a year is full of hope.  He went to a seminar, touting our human potential.  He's found strength never known before.  This man is, right now, is running on an emotional high.  Sounds good, doesn't it?   He is in for a fall.  There's only one God and neither is he---nor any of us---are this Divine Being.

      He is ecstatic, recruiting his wife to attend the seminar. He hopes it will pull her out of her depression doldrums.  Perhaps she'll become a superwoman, he hopes. The sobering truth is that, in ourselves---using our resources, alone---we are incapable of handling the testings life dishes out.  This is a fact, no matter how pumped up we feel.
"Apart from me [God, and our realization of our limitations], you can do nothing."   John, Chapter 15
       I've spent time with this fellow.  It's disappointing seeing this guy full of himself.  In recovery, we recognize how futile life is, because of our vulnerabilities (Step One), "Our life has become unmanageable," when we rely upon our resources, alone.

      Our best thinking and behavior brought us the despair we have, when we find ourselves there. This leads us to the value of Step Two: "Came to believe in a Power greater than ourselves, that can restore us to sanity."   And you know what that is.

       See you Monday.  Wishing you a great and grateful beginning of the week!  I know mine will be.


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