Wednesday, May 14

Eliminating Judgment, Focusing on Growing Our Character ................. .....................5/14/14

"It is hard to practice compas-sion when we're struggling with our authenticity or when our own worthiness is off-balance."                            Brene Brown

Life Is Great
     I met with friends tonight.  We experienced a transition.  One person guided the group for the first time and did well.  I enjoyed the naturalness of the meeting.  It is easy, getting angry.  Equanimity is the fruit enjoyed when we do the
hard work of:
1. Placing principles above the vulnerable and diseased parts of our personality: passivity, depression, anxiety, anger. Codependency is when we surrender our opinions and values because we fear the anger or rejection of another.
2. Accepting the good with the bad. This requires restraining ourselves from living by black and white thinking.  It is easy to be quick at interpreting events and others. There's a problem when we do.
We are being controlling and judging. We also are not relating, intimacy is not enjoyed.

      For nearly three years I lived with someone who was hyper-controlling. He told me what I was going to say before I opened my mouth.  At least it seemed that way.

      How sad.

    Tonight, being with others who are transparent, authentic, open and vulnerable about where they are growing/struggling was encouraging.  This is what relating is all about.  It gives me strong hope for the future of mankind.

       Life has a way of shaking out.  Truth eventually prevails when we exercise discernment.  I love the fact that with each week, my emotions are getting stronger, healthier, along with my character. I am being healed from harm experienced as a child and young adult.  Adhering to healthy principles allows me not to surrender to what I hold dear.  I have my voice and I express it. 

1.  Today, time was spent on research, preparing for upcoming sessions.  Day's like today I love,  I am an eternal student.
2.  This weekend I received lovely photos from a loved one.  I enjoy connecting with others.
       The pictures made my week, month and  the first half of this year.
3.  Visitors from around the world, especially from Ireland, the UK, India, Russia, Moldova, Sweden, Spain and Germany.  Thank you, for dropping by.  Welcome!  I'd love hearing from you.
4.  This weekend, I sang for the first time in years. A cappella. (My guitar has a broken string and I didn't have a piano handy.)  Two songs. Wow. I used to be a professional musician. A person who heard me sing didn't get sick, so that's a good thing.  :->
5.  I had my best night of sleep last night. I feel better when rested.
How About You? 
What are three things that make your heart sing with gratitude?

     I'm exhausted; it's been hot the past few days. I'm calling it a night. I'll see you tomorrow.

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