Tuesday, May 6

Slowing Down, Enjoying Life, Full of Hope............... 5/6/14

       Good evening.  Last night, after following three hours of the San Francisco Giants' baseball game---while filing and adding notes to clients' files----I crashed at 10:00 p.m.  I didn't plan it.  My body overtook my active mind.  At 4:30 this morning, I awoke on top of my quilt and blankets.

       Inadvertently, I played hooky with
my duties here.

And that's okay.  What other blogger do you know, has posted 877 times in 37 months?  

Mondays can be a killer, taking a physical and emotional toll.  I often see 5-6 clients.  I was
wiped out.

        I have numerous stories to share with the guests who drop by here.  Enthusiastic anticipation about something important to yours truly makes it feel like Christmas in May.   Today was easier.  There were less clients.  I prepared for sessions later this week, researching, creating and organizing new material for four hours during the morning.

        The time spent was invigorating, challenging and fulfilling.

        I eagerly look forward to tomorrow. Then, I will make time to capture, in writing, several wonderful moments that have happened lately. Whether I share them at the inn is another matter. But, I am happy.

       Today, after working non-stop for six hours, not eating, not even stopping to use the restroom, and ignoring my exhaustion, I did something I love doing. (Besides studying.)

        I drafted a letter.  Is was fun.  Crafting a letter lets my soul breathe.  It slows the pace of  life.  Missives allow me to expand thoughts in a way that is impossible through any other means.

       Some of you may recall, I use the salutation, "Dear So-and-so," when corresponding.  At one time people used to write that way.  I still do.

1.  I don't dwell in my head.  I am in touch with my feelings.  I don't worship my mind. My mind will never heal me. Never.  I'm glad I realize this.
2.  I was with a controlling client recently.  Quite an experience.  He is miserable.  But he doesn't want to change.  I'm thankful for using boundaries with him and releasing the outcome of our session into God's care.

    It's not my job nor my desire to change anyone.  Especially this fellow, who is miserable.  And doesn't want to change. I let all my clients know that their desire to get better has to be stronger than my desire to help.   I cannot, nor do I desire to, push someone along in their recovery.  That would be codependency.  Motivation has to come from within them.

3.  I love where I find myself.  Unpleasant people don't like me. That's good. That means I'm doing something right.  Hurting people appreciate me. That means I am sensitive to their needs.
4.  My heart has been journeying to universes I was not aware of.  It is singing tunes hitherto unknown to me. There's a bounce in my step. My life has strength, clarity and is full of hope and enthusiasm.  Can't beat that.

How About You? 
What are you grateful for?


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog every day helps me relieve stress. I am forever grateful for this blog.

Anonymous said...

The thing I am grateful for today is you, Pablo, for the AMAZING job you do with my and others. Thank you!!!

Pablo said...

Hello Anony,

I'm glad you for your feedback, it makes what I do here, worthwhile.

I'm guessing you are someone I help, face-to-face. Thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate your kind words.

Sorry for the delay in replying,
life has been crazy.

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