Saturday, May 10

Highs and Lows for the Week........ 5/10/14

  It's that time, when we review the past week.  Here is how mine was:

High Points: 
1.  Opportun-ities to practice patience.  Clients not making their appointments and dealing with logistical mixups allowed me to exercise grace, a con-cept not
bandied about nowadays.  Expressing empathy, when frustrated tested my patience.  Try that, sometime.  My skills in understanding others were stretched.
2.  Exercising a good memory.  It helps when studying, counseling and teaching.  It allows me to be creative and effective.  It lets me pull material from different disciplines, weaving them together.
3.  A terrific conversation last Sunday.  I like how I am growing that because of the times shared.  I am moved by the ease in our dialog.
4.  A new poem is on the horizon.  I like the opportunities it provides in stretching my mind and expressing myself, with feeling.
5.  Getting better acquainted with a certain someone.  My world and joy expands, because I am.  The humor, laughter and closeness shared fills my love bank.

Low Points:
1.  I've been tired. A lot. I'm not sleeping as much as I need. Often, I wake up at 4:00 and cannot go back to sleep.
2.  I am not in the town of Alameda as much as I once was.
3.  I'm discovering the true nature of someone I have known for awhile. What I am seeing is disappointing. 


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

My belated, Saturday Highs & Lows for the week, and gratitude's are;


1. A joyful time of sharing with friends in our weekly recovery circles both Wednesday and Friday evenings. In this learning to let go of a stubborn logistical agenda. At the end of the day, unity is most important.

2. Setting more realistic expectations with customers at work, thus avoiding extra stress later. Just saying no when needed.

3. Catching up on "Blacklist" in preparation for the season finale next Monday.

4. A pleasant, agenda-free breakfast meeting with a couple of old friends on Saturday morning.

5. A beautiful, touching and humorous Mother's Day sermon from our pastor today.


1. Seeing my Mom's gradual decline, even as I celebrated Mother's Day early with her on Saturday.

2. Not (yet)procuring the desired gift and card for my wife today. The good news is she received several others, and is happy with what is...

3. The slow pace of our #3 son's enlistment process. Progress not perfection.

4. A minor but surmountable bump in the road to recovery of a loved one.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

Thanks for the review of your past week. I am deeply grateful for the numerous contributions you've made to this inn.

Your positive outlook reflects the vision of this inn. No one can doubt you have an Attitude of Gratitude.

The Innkeeper

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