Saturday, March 1

A New Innkeeper Era. Also, I'm a Happy Man........... 3/1/14

     Good evening.  This has been a fabulous day.  Life is great, a lucky guy I am.    Better fortune is in store, tomorrow.  That's when
visiting with the most important person in my book is on tap. My relationship with her reveals how life improves, when I let God do what I can't do for myself----what happens when I get out of the way.

      2014 will be the best year in my life.  Am I happy.

     I written twenty-four lengthy letters in the past two weeks.  Five for that special someone. What I wrote, I've liked. Nothing compares to expressing ourselves by pen, or keyboard.

     I spoke with someone today.  The outcome of that conversation, still to be determined. It will affect the outcome of my life.

     A big event transpires tomorrow. I'm driving again. I've waited for this day.  Two years.   Going this long without driving will never happen again, until they pry the steering wheel from me, when I'm old and unfit to turn the key in the ignition.

      I'm kicking off this dramatic change by cruising two hundred and eighty miles tomorrow.  I'm heading to Big Sur, strolling down the coast on Highway 1. I'm taking three others with me.  The Academy Awards don't compare to the God's beauty revealed along the California shores.

      My life will be easier, but better?  That answer to be determined over the ensuing months.

1.  I rode my bike. I feel better when I do.
2.  I'm going to Big Sur.  A gorgeous place.
3.  Looking forward to time with the person dearest to me.  Our conversations are unparalleled.
4.  I uncovered a restaurant I had never been to before. The food was amazing.
5.  I look forward to many improvements in my life.
6.  I love the dialogue I'm sharing via e-mail.
7.  I won't be rained on, while driving my car.  :-> Can't say the same about cycling.
8.  I'm thankful I went two years without driving my car.
9.  I'm glad that the money I've paid for car insurance is now worth the expense. I paid car insurance for Jan and Feb., even though I didn't drive.  Had to, in order to take care of administrative paperwork. 

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