Saturday, March 22

Summary of the Week----The Good 3/22/14

        Good morning.  I'm posting later, or earlier than normal, depending how you look at it.  I corresponded with someone Friday, while in a restaurant, after working in San Leandro.  Such is the convenience of my smartphone creating a wi-fi hotspot.  It allowed me to use my laptop. The restaurant did not provide a wireless connection.

       The e-mail was sent at 12:04 a.m. Yes, I was still there, then.  Mis-reading the train schedule, I missed the last train out of this city that left at 12:21 a.m.

        At the train station, physically spent I was.  I felt the aftereffects of pushing my body Thursday. On three hours of sleep I saw five clients.  I know, I know better.  Cycling through rough parts of Oakland after midnight would not be wise.  Using a bus, I arrived home at 1:50 a.m.  It was fine, missing the train.  My mistakes do not define me.  I have value simply because I
am me. (For the curious and detail oriented. I started this post in the restaurant, after mailing my letter. And for the very detail oriented, you'll figure something else out. I won't say.)

        It's the end of the week. You know what we do here.  The high and low points for the past week are reviewed.

High Points:

1.  I enjoyed a conversation I had Sunday morning.  Several concerns I had with this person before our talk were not realized. My response during the intervening time, before getting clarity---when I was confused and worried----reveals the beauty of living by recovery principles.
     "We admitted that we are powerless over__(fill in the blank)_, our lives have been unmanageable."   Step One
     In my case, this step was useful.  Before knowing hearing from her, I acknowledged I was powerless over her response to a letter written earlier that week.  The results were in God's hands, which are more capable than mine.

     This step liberates anyone who applies it from worry.  For those who are controlling, this step liberates you from that exercising that default mode.

2.  A sweet meeting on Wednesday I attended. It is rare having eleven people together, and everyone being transparent with each other.  It was a bit of heaven on earth.  Lovely.

3.  I cycled for 11 miles, before work, Wednesday.  Felt good, taking care of stress,  I loved the vistas greeting me as I rode a part of the perimeter of the island town of Alameda.

4.  I enjoyed writing about emotional resiliency this week, here.
5.  I received help Friday. along with clarity. Someone listened as I processed what I am going through in a vulnerable area of my life. The kind ear that ministered to me met my need for reciprocity, connection and support. I'm glad and she was too, which made me feel good.  Often I'm the one who gives. It is terrific being on the receiving end of care.

        I'll write my low points tomorrow. Right now, I'm worn out, heading for bed.


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Optimistic Existentialist said...

That meeting you had on Wednesday does sound wonderful. Those are some amazing connections to be able to experience.

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