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Hope For The Past, Revisited 3/23/14

Yes, our past can be restored
Self-Love:Being Gentle Towards Our Mistakes
       Life is all about balance, isn't it?  After that appointment, what did I do?  I went to my favorite cycle shop and bought a non-drip water bottle.  Am I glad.  I inexpensively treated
myself, getting something I really wanted.

       I lost my insulated, water bottle a couple of weeks ago. I left it at a public meeting.  I socialized with several others after it was over.  In my rush out of the room, I left without it.  Gosh.  If that is the biggest of my worries, I'm doing pretty good, I figure.

      The new bottle fits the bottle rack on my bicycle. Until this purchase, I was buying bottles of water at the store, squeezing them into the rack. Now, I'm set again.  Good.

It Wasn't a Small Act, A Minor Matter

      It seems like this purchase was a small thing, doesn't it?  It wasn't.  I've routinely been drinking 64 oz. of water, as in daily, for more than twenty-five years.  I've found it's a good thing, keeping my body lubricated.  Water does the trick.

      I lose things a lot.  And, that's okay.  My life is busy.  I go from one event or appointment to another.  I carry a lot of things with me, always have a satchel of books----I use them in sessions, when teaching, doing public speaking or have time to study in the midst of my busy day.  Along with my books are colored markers, notepads, 5x8 cards, my bicycle accoutrements, and fruit.

      Unfortunately, more times than I like, I leave something behind.  When that happens, it is an opportunity to practice grace and patience towards myself.  It allows me to treat myself with gentleness, kindness and forgiveness.

       As a child, such loving qualities were not extended by one demanding parent, when I erred.  Unfortunately, then, I didn't have the wherewithal---psychologically or emotionally---to realize my father suffered from the disease of perfectionism.  I didn't see it for the abusive disease it is.

Hope For the Past
     There's hope not only for the present and future.  There's also hope for the past.  Yes, the past. I can go back to the past, revisit it and heal those portions that disturbed me. Yep, heal them.  Living by healthy, gracious, forgiving, considerate principles, I am able to apply them to those around me---especially towards those I cherish, my sons and my Balcony People.

      When I do, I'm creating a new legacy, taking steps towards demolishing the old.  I'm transforming inadequate family paradigms that once presented distorted childhood values.  Replacing these standards with healthier principles and gentle, loving responses is a wonderful form of self-care.  My behavior allows others to know God's love, acceptance and encouragement, through me.
"One life showing the way is better than ten tongues trying to explain it." 
       Let it begin with me.

      We can, as Gandhi said, be the change we want to see in the world.  Yes, our healthy, loving, behavior, wrought from a loving relationship with God and personal growth reflects more than change to the world.  It also speaks of triumph, restored wholeness, and recovery over past harmful legacies that never served any helpful purpose.

How About You? 
      What is a restored legacy you'd like to see come about in your life?  I always enjoy hearing from you and the community we share in this inn.

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