Saturday, March 29

Preparing For An Emotional Battle 3/29/14

"It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it."   Hans Selye

      How are ye?  I am preparing for an emotional battle, met with friends, encountered a lack of sensitivity and codependency, all this, this evening.  Best of all, someone supported and loved me, in my time of
vulnerability.  Thank you Zelda.  :->

      Tonight is a humdinger.  I have butterflies in my stomach as I write.  These are not the pretty, spritely kind.  Will you keep me company?  I feel weak, exposed, raw----emotionally----almost defenseless.  When was the last time you ever heard me say I feel this way?

      That is right, never.  Not once.  So, something big is coming up.  Yes, B-I-G.  That kind.
"If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress, and tension.  And if you didn't ask me, I'd still have to say it."                                                                  George Burns
       Fortunately, I will soon visit with someone dear.  That will be good, great even.  I have learned lots from her, she, a tremendous source of encouragement, for nearly a year-and-a- half.  She is a serendipitously lovely addition to my life, as well as a source for inspiration.

      The good thing about our soon-to-be conversation is the authenticity, vulnerability and honesty shared, along with humor.  Qualities that nurture both of us.

      I took care of me, today.  Napping three hours was invigorating.  Man, am I pooped after a long week at work.  This evening, I met with friends, including Carl, who shares gratitudes here.

      We needed a table, there were nine of us.  When I asked those in charge, what could be done, they became defensive.  It amazes me, how a simple question can trigger others emotionally.  I appropriated an oval wooden table in another room, carting it, with Carl.

      It was disturbing seeing one person who was with us, get food at this potluck, while Carl and I arranged for those who attend Wednesday's meeting to sit together.  I noted how this fellow's lack of help irked me.  Well, I know who I would want for a friend and who I wouldn't.

      It may be the upcoming conflict has me edgy.  I usually don't get disturbed, and keep the focus on me.

My Saturday Gratitudes:

1.  I rested. Taking care of my physical and mental well-being is critical.  This is especially true when I am stressed.  Relaxing provides an important counter-balance to the energy spent when working.

2.  Tomorrow, Sunday, will eventually end.  You say that is weird, for me to write?  I'm a man of action. No moss grows under my feet.

      By early afternoon, I will have the clarity I need. It will make the future clearer.
3.  I rejoice in the personal growth I have, the result of investing in intense effort in this area. It is reassuring, knowing that when crises appear, I have an instrument panel of principles.  They guide me, and are a godsend.  They enable me to fly straight, even when caught in a cloud bank of chaos, confusion and frustration.

4.  I'm thankful for the love received from many.  Dear friends have rallied around me, in my time of need.  They have comforted me.  I received an inspiring letter from Carl. Yes, him who constantly keeps me company here.

     Others have called, listened to me, texted me their love, and are upholding me in prayer. Am I a lucky guy.  I am thankful for the good company  (q.v. number 4) I keep.  How could I not have an Attitude of Gratitude?

5.  I appreciate the beauty of Step One, when applied to any problem faced, such as what I encounter tomorrow.   It enables me to do my best, speak my truth---if necessary---and leave the results in His hands. There is only one God, and I am not it.

     I seen from past experience that God  does for me what I cannot do for myself.  My future, my welfare, my happiness, He is committed to.  Even when it doesn't feel that way.

     The good news is that my relationship with Him is so strong, and His love for me is so demonstratively obvious, I have no question of His love for me and my welfare.

6.  For the loving support received from "Zelda."  I am glad she made herself available, late tonight, after the event.  Together we processed a thorny issue. She listened, cared.  Best yet, an inspired idea appeared, at the very end. Wow. I have serenity because I don't have to make decisions alone.

       And, life is all about doing the next right thing.
7.  I'm thankful for the following thought:
"Many of us feel stress and get overwhelmed not because we're taking on too much, but because we're taking on too little of what really strengthens us."                                                           Marcus Buckingham.
How About You? 
How do you handle stress?  I'm sure I can learn from you.  Please let me hear from you.  

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