Monday, March 31

The High and Lows For the Past Week 3/31/14

     How are you?  Thank you, for visiting. Today was a Red Letter Day.  I am happy about what I've learned as a result of
expressing myself this morning.

     Once, I was a social aborigine, using guilt or anger to express needs.  Or I would stuff my feelings, not knowing how to let others know what was alive within me.  Now, I can disagree, saying my no as gently as my yes.  I'm happier.  My relationships are richer, satisfying.

     Today, I was apprehensive, relieved, loved, filled with hope, joy, and plenty of clarity.  Cannot beat that.

High Points for the Past Week:
1.  This morning's conversation.  Beyond amazing. My time with a dear friend was phenomenal, extraordinary, filled with understanding, tenderness and connection.

      It was the best conversation I ever had.  That's saying plenty.  The consequences of our conversation will be born out, in time.  I was humbled by the subject matter.

    The openness, intimacy and honesty shared allowed for bonding and connection that I only dreamed was possible.  It is rare, experiencing humility and compassion from another.  Vulnerability, honesty, and respect reigned. The closeness and companionship we have is priceless.

2.   I am driving tomorrow, changing how my life has been, for the past 25 months.  For those not in the know. I have not used my car for more than two years.  I look forward to cycling along the coast, in the Redwood forests of Santa Cruz and flying kites in Mendocino, using a car to take me lovely areas that allow my soul to soar.

3.   Life is better when letting God be in charge.  He provides in ways surpassing my expectations.
4.   Receiving support this week from many who love me, as I struggled.
5.   Knowing I am loved and lovable, even when I am confused.
6.   Seeing myself not reacting, but responding, when faced with abrupt changes.
7.   Spending time with good friends on Wednesday, hearing touching accounts related to the subject of feelings.
8.   Taking care of myself, getting as much sleep as I could.
9.   Having new clients join my clientele.
10. Rain for this drought ridden state of California.
11. My world has expanded, now that I am driving a car again.
12. Having common sense, leaving when the going was bad, at an event I attended this weekend, taking care of me through better use of time.  Forrest Gump does not appeal to me, when critical matters demanded my attention.
13.  This is inn passed 20,000 views this month. I'm glad this inn is accomplishing its mission of serving others.

Low Points:
1.  Being confused for seven days.
2.  Not riding my bike much.
3.  Experiencing insensitivity due to someone's passivity.
4.  I haven't had the Quiet Time I need.  Eventually, I experience death, spiritually, if I neglect this critical part of my life.

How About You? 
What were your high points for the past week?  Let me hear them. I love the community we share when you do.

    I'll come back and share my lows in this spot, later today.  Right now, my bed is calling me. 

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