Monday, January 2

Monday Gratitudes

1. I got rest. Mondays are usually my Sabbath.  I need it as I plan on getting several practical matters settled tomorrow. I'm happy seeing that I'm using persistence and consistency to tackle unpleasant issues. It feels good being effective.
2. I'm thankful for the closeness I feel belonging to a great group of people.I'm thankful for discernment that allows me to know which people are safe for me and who are not.
3. I had wonderful time with a friend this evening.  I value companionship and the compassion that is mine when I remain in touch with those who are dear to me, who are part of my Balcony People team.

Okay, so what are your gratitudes?



Anonymous said...

I am grateful I can enjoy pleasant times with a good friend. Walking around downtown and just taking in the sun together brings me serenity and joy.
I love to be around safe, caring people who are growing in their ability to see their own vision and the plan God has for their life. Gratitude to the innkeeper for role modeling this posibility in my life.
I am grateful for a good time shared with a friend in Half Moon Bay on Monday. It was nice having a helping hand on a job and also sharing time with my friend at a nice Mexican restaurant. The fish taco was outstanding and the scenic ride was relaxing. Muse

Paul NorthernCal said...

Well, Muse,

Good to hear you are taking joy when and where you can get it. Good for you!You are almost making me blush, with your kind comments.

I enjoy hearing from readers, especially when they include three or more gratitudes for the day, like your post today. (You had seven.)

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,

The Innkeeper

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