Sunday, January 22

SF 49ers
      Hi everyone,
My team, the Forty-Niners, lost today. But, it was an exciting game, a hard-fought contest. I'm proud of what they accomplished, moving from a 6-10 record last year to a 14-4 performance this season, counting the playoffs. They finished the season one game shy of playing in the Super Bowl. 
    The afternoon was spent with my sons, a large screen TV at a sports bar and restaurant, food, over 180 other patrons in the pub and plenty of thrills. 
    My Gratitudes for Tonight
1. I hung out with my sons all day. 
2. We experienced the thrill of an intense game. We've been spending a lot of time as a family. Supporting our football team is one of our traditions.
Englanders. This place has about 50 screens, including  two mega large screens.
 3. We enjoyed community with several others. The roar of the crowd, at the Englander's Pub in San Leandro was fabulous and funny. Some of the other fans there were either dramatic or hilarious in their exclamations. Standing up and yelling at the ref or the opponent. The boisterous environment was good for my sons----they saw their Latin dad as a relatively calm guy, compared to men that surrounded them today.
4. It was fascinating to see the different dynamic of each of my sons, while watching the game with them. I learned more about my sons.

      Please let me know your gratitudes, 
             The Innkeeper

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