Wednesday, January 11

The Innkeeper Has Returned, In a Fashion

 Victorians are common in Alameda
       Good evening friends, fellow visitors to this inn of encouragement,
I'm learning the ropes as to handling my week-long bout of illness. Maybe I should have eaten some limes.
I've been taken aback, dead in the water, in terms of my productivity while sick.  I'll stop here using the nautical terms that I'm learning the origins of, as a result of living in the sailing-influenced island city of Alameda.
Alameda Victorian. This is in the Italianate style
          I love where I live.  It's the best town I lived in. Ever. Any readers want to join me this Saturday? I would die if I could not see the playoff game with my beloved team. They are playing Saturday.  I'm going to try out a different place, Bowzer's on Park Street, in this lovely city. I'll treat you to pizza if you drop by.

         In two days, we'll celebrate the ten-month anniversary of the opening of this inn. in keeping with that occasion, I'll do something new at this inn. I hope it will make this inn even cozier. Drop by, and you'll see.
         Even though I've not well, I went for a 30 minute walk. I HAD to. I've been kept in my home for the past few days.  I strolled down Santa Clara Street to Walgreen's drugstore, picking up more remedies for my persistent, pesty, sleep-depriving cold.  I had pneumonia last year, in February. I'd like to avoid that. It was scary last year when my temperature reached 106.
         There are so many Victorians in this town.  I heard tell that this city has more Victorians per homes in the community, than any other city in the U.S.  Like walking through a movie set, it feels, as I traverse the city. 
          Nestled brick-strewn, grass growing in-between paths led up to many a home. Stained glass windows fronting several houses added an regal air. Large trees, on these properties from the late 1800's and early 1900's, used their gnarly arms to outstretch towards the inhabitants, and any who chanced to stroll by. Hedges encompassed most of these architectural ladies, making this writer wonders what secrets they kept. 

   My Gratitudes For Tonight:

1. I'm thankful that my chest is clearing, I think.
2. I met with someone I mentor. It was good to be out among the living. I'm enjoying the growth I'm seeing in this person. I've been working with this person for five years.
3. My football team is in the  playoffs. I'm thankful for the coach, he's made a world of of a difference.
4. There's an excitement in the Bay Area,. It's been a long time since the glory days of this football team.
5.We've had 57,000 views of this inn in the almost 10 months it's been open. Thank you for dropping by! Today there were 460 views with 164 dropping by. That tells me that my guests are reading roughly 2.9 posts during their stay here. I hope you are encouraged!

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