Wednesday, January 4

  Boy, did I have an interesting and startling day.  I'm tired so I'll work on this blog again, tomorrow. But this is what I have for this late evening.

      This evening, I faced fears and went back to an unpleasant environment. The results were much better than I expected. Three clients of mine showed up, they came to see me, they knew I'd be there.  We haven't connected in awhile, due to the holidays and they wanted to get ahold of me.
     At tonight's event, I spoke up. As you know, I enjoy speaking publicly, I've been doing it for several decades, since I was 10 years old, when I ran for office in school. 
     I mentioned no one can make us happy, sad, angry or any other feeling, without us giving them permission to do so.  Saying, "You get me mad, or you hurt me" is not a true statement. It is our choice to let others affect us. 
    This fact allowed me to not be distraught when someone yelled at me, at this same event, last week. I'm human, tonight, before walking through the door of this meeting, I said a prayer. I released my feelings to God. I asked for His grace, love and acceptance to be with me while attending this gathering, and for his message to flow through me, if I spoke.  I was apprehensive before entering the room, though----who likes someone correcting them, in front of fourteen others, especially when it was based on speculation, not fact?
     While sharing with this group, I mentioned that when we try controlling others, we take away that person's dignity. One basic right of any adult is the ability to make a decision.  Control by someone else does not grant them that right. Everyone was quiet after I spoke.
      I saw a friend at the event, we planned on going for a walk around Lake Merritt this Saturday.

1. I'm thankful for facing my fears tonight. 
2. I look forward to Saturday's stroll
3. I met with John S. this evening, after everything else was over. I enjoyed our conversation at Juanita's on Park St. The same place I had dinner with another friend, last week.
4. This afternoon, I met with someone I mentor. We processed the issue of resentment. It was a rigorous but good time. 
     Unwanted Drama in the Afternoon
       Shelves in a room of mine crashed down while I was studying in that room----normally I would sit in chair placed under these elevated shelves. I'm glad they didn't fall on me. The shelves are very heavy and would have hurt me, badly. For some unknown reason I changed my routine today.
     Today, I choose to use my desk, the first time since I put the shelves up, two weeks ago.  I'm thankful for the angels watching over me, I prefer not getting any more lumps and bruises than I do. 
      The crash of books and boxes from two shelves, while studying, startled me and upset me for more than an hour, which is unusual. I think the fact I was concentrating and didn't see it coming was what disturbed me. I was preparing a presentation at the time. Having to pick up all the junk on the floor and not being able to study, or work out, which I planned to do afterwards, was frustrating. 
5.  I'm glad that I'm allowing my feelings to be felt when this catastrophe occurred. For the longest time I used to turn off my feelings, only being cognitive about life. I'm glad I feel more, and more myself and as result I don't experience the depression I once felt when I was younger. 
6. I wrote a letter to a friend from the Ukraine, not long ago. I heard from her. I'm thankful for the connection we share.
7. I scribed another letter to another friend today. I grateful for what I wrote, even though I wrote something that might of been hard for him to hear.

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