Tuesday, October 25

Celebrating Life..10/25/11

      How are you this evening?

Did your day go as well as you planned?  Mine was fine, you might say it was super-charged.

      I got home a little while ago. My sons and I went to Le Mans Karting.
The evening raced away from us, but that was a good thing. It's wonderful seeing my middle son excited. As a father, the thrill on his face while racing and afterwards, throughout the night, was priceless and deeply satisfying. I wish the best for him and all my sons.

      Dinner followed our adventure. While partaking in the evening meal, my shoulders and arms felt the effects of tugging on the steering wheel of the race car for more than 40 laps. Usually I'm a good conversationalist. Not so this evening, while we ate.

      Sure, we talked and enjoyed our time. But tonight, I was low-key, that's unusual for me. I was pooped. (I hope the translations of this word works out, for my international guests.) A leather bound special book of poetry I had brought. Before our event, I thought I'd share poetry with them. I didn't. I lacked energy. (Reading poetry is something I do on special occasions and my sons like it when I do.)

      My sons have grown. The best I can do now is listen, offer support and get out of their way. I encourage their independence and am avid cheerleader as they take on the challenges and blessings of early adulthood.

      I know for some readers this post about us racing sounds like deja vu.  It is. We raced last Tuesday and wrote about it. My last two sons birthdays are nine days apart.  This glorious night we were celebrating one of my son's birthdays after the fact. We did some of it Saturday, on his birthday. 


1. We had a blast as a family. I enjoy celebrating life with my sons.
2. I took time off from work, rescheduling appointments in order to have this time together.
Friends come and go. Jobs come and go, but our family is forever.
         Making time for special occasions with my sons is a top priority.

3. I thank God for the privilege of having fine, considerate, respectful, loving, intelligent, spiritual sons who love me as much as I love them.

4.  I'm going to bed early. Ya ay!  Yesterday I was up for 21 hours. I thankful for rest, ease and taking care of self.

      That's it for tonight. I'll see you tomorrow.

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