Tuesday, October 25

More Drama Than a Movie

This scene is nothing compared to what happened tonight
     I'm happy that we've crossed the 20,000 views threshold in this inn. It tells me this place is meeting needs of the guests who drop by. Hey, give me your best shot, let me know issues you'd like to see
discussed here.  If I can be of help, I will.

     Monday night provided another humdinger experience. Just what I needed to revitalize myself after being up  since 4:00 a.m.

     I chaired a meeting. A member wanted to express his concerns. As he did so another individual took offense, not allowing him to finish his comments. The fur flew. A heavy wooden chair got tossed over in the dustup, obscenities expressed by the agitated person; she yelled too. You can see how well I direct a meeting.I'm grateful for Emotional Aikido, though it takes time and discipline to exercise it during the volatile moment.

    During the real-life drama (and here I thought they only happen in movies) I felt I was back in a psychiatric hospital. I worked in one for nine years, in a previous professional incarnation. (See the About the Author tab.)  One thing I learned back then was to observe without judgment, to respond, not react and breathe.

    I might write more about tonight, tomorrow, after getting rest.  I'm tired.

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