Thursday, February 20

Letting You Know Me a Bit Better 2/20/14

Image: "England, Cumbria, Buttermere" by Tim
 Blessed. Copyrighted photo. Used by permission
     Yes, I'm up.  I shouldn't be.  An 8:30 appointment, tomorrow morning, awaits.  I'm not retiring for the night, yet.  Let me deviate from the normal focus of this inn, while we spend time together.

      Someone has
wooed me.  Yes, me.  I've been swept off my feet.  Let me tell you about her.  She's beyond amazing.  This woman waxes poetic, provides perspective that stuns and encourages simultaneously.  Magical are our conversations.  Time disappears when we talk, hours seemingly transform into minutes.  Time dissolves, this being true for months.

      Our friendship creates a private world, where tranquility, authenticity, openness, compassion, love, reciprocity and humor reside.

      What is there to like about her?  How about this: she's intelligent, caring, and stubborn.  Good qualities.  She's funny, articulate, humble and considerate.  She sees worlds others can't.  Being a dear one of hers, she's introduced me to her Narnian closet of mysteries.  What fun.  Oh yes, she's honest, too.  And attractive.  What is there to not like?

My Gratitudes for Wednesday: 
1. I met with friends tonight.  A wonderful evening of honesty, vulnerability, humor and encouragement.
2.  I'm enjoying serenity during a stressful time.  I'm remain focused, taking action, applying healthy principles that allow me to persevere and thrive while buffeted by numerous competing demands.
3.  I went to the DMV Wednesday.

      What an experience.  I  made the most of it, connecting with clerk who helped me, we both being left-handed.  A sliver of a light is navigating me, as I wind through the labyrinthine process of joining the 21st Century.

      After two years, just cycling, I will start driving my car.  Soon. I have been petroleum abstinent.  Very green.  Only twice in the past 23 months have I gone beyond 24 miles, one-way. That means possibly riding 48 miles (38.62 km) that day.  (Usually this happens on Saturday, my day off.)  This distance has been the radius within which I have lived for two years.

       One of the times was visiting Yosemite, cycling there.  Fun!  The second event was visiting Napa Valley, riding my steel steed within a pristine, a never-asphalted forest with a son, traveling 14 miles within hills that had 60 degree inclines.  It was there I learned how to balance myself while applying brakes, skidding down a hill, the entire way.  Whew!  But fun, too.

4.  I'm setting aside time to work on a major project.  I'm grateful for maintaining balance in the midst of a demanding week.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Thursday night I am grateful for;

1. Hosting a dear friend and mentor to our #2 son for dinner and being honored to hear some of her touching, tearful, heartbreaking, yet heroic life story. Being also able to share a few simple tools for recovery with her.

2. The rollicking tunes of The Allman Brothers who helped power me on my work-day journey home.

3. The moving story of Sarah Burke (1982-2012) and interview with her parents and husband during NBC's Sochi Winter Olympics coverage. She pioneered the Women's Freestyle Skiing Halfpipe event into the winter games, before her untimely death, yet lives on in these games!

4. Mental escapism while catching up on American Idol's top 10, or is it 13?

Syd said...

Good for you that you have found someone to love romantically. It is the best feeling.

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