Friday, February 14

The Best of All Valentine's Days 2/14/14

     Okay, let me declare it on rooftops, I'm in love!  There I said it. The journey has been marvelously, deliciously, slow.

      How does that grab you?  You say you didn't expect it?  Well, you haven't been reading my
blog attentively.  A woman I adore told me she loves me, on this Valentine's Day.  Am I thrilled.  My attitude of gratitude has never been more positive.  Only two days in my life will match today's.

      For portions of this day, my feet did not touch down. Floating, I was, as I soaked in the joy. Thursday, I worked until 4:00 this morning, doing administrative work.  I awoke at 9:00 a.m. to prepare for the day and get ready to visit with this person from 10:00 to 11:55 a.m. this morning, before seeing clients.

      She tortured me, first.  Serves me right.  I often tantalize her before revealing something I have for her.

       Today, she had me solve a riddle. This, in order to know her feelings.  To make it more maddening, her clue was in code, written in a language I don't know.  Only upon translation were her feelings unveiled.

        Swept away by this person's spirit, I am. The more I am with her, the more I like.  We speak a common tongue, left-handed language.  Really. Both of us were converted from left to right handed.  Right-hemispheric dominant we both are.  Global, abstract in our thinking.

        How she feels and sees life, I like.  She is humble, but holds strongly to her values.  She's poetic and pretty.  Best of all, our hearts resonate.  Am I happy she enjoys my company.

       There is no better Valentine than a woman I cherish opening her heart towards me, on this of all days.

       On this day, there is no need to list gratitudes. Every word of this post is a paean of praise for my good fortune and God's love for  me.   God gave me a great big smooch on this St. Valentine's Day.


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Saturday night, I am grateful;

1. I could attend a weekly Al-Anon gathering of friends last night and hear my wife chair and share deeply from her heart on Mutual Respect. Great to see how she moved several in the circle to share their own experience, strength and hope around this theme. I was proud of her (and told her so...) as she rendered thoughtful, heartfelt service with grace, wit and enthusiasm!

2. That true love, as sure as the rising sun, has found our Innkeeper; a heaven-sent soul-mate looming ever more radiant on his horizon.

3. For yet a little more, much needed rainfall tonight and tomorrow to put a small dent in our severe California drought.

4. For time to exercise; swim, soak, sweat and nap on a lazy weekend afternoon.

5. For the grace in moments of inspiration that offer potential solutions to unexpected challenges.

6. For an early morning dream of marital bliss, that inspired a waking hug and kiss. "The seeds of true love, once planted, never die."

7. To watch a timely, moving and chillingly real "Captain Philips" at home tonight with my wife.

8. To have a rare and overdue breakfast with my two brothers (one fresh out of rehab and looking forward to catching up) and a nephew tomorrow morning.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,
I always appreciate your forthright contributions to this of praise. you have my support prayers regarding all your relationships.
Thank you for dropping by, reading, and sharing your gratitudes.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Tuesday evening, I am grateful...

1. For a home and two-level yard (my wife miraculously found) I can cardio-circumnavigate after a day at work.

2. For plenty of invasive,early spring Oxalis Weed to pull and feed to our chickens; they love the clover-like leaves!

3. For pulling the rear-projection bulb out of the basement, "Man-cave" TV so our two resident couch potatoes make themselves more useful; hauling topsoil from the church parking lot home for mom's garden!

5. Number 3 son's one hour interview with his Army recruiter today. I could just hug that soldier!

6. While home wait-listed, number 2 sons likely departure back into residential rehab on Friday.

7. Timely and wise guidance on (domestic) forgiveness in Courage to Change;

"I don't deny that hurtful things were said and done along the way, but I refuse to carry the burden of bitterness any further." And..."Forgiving is not forgetting, it's letting go of the hurt." Mary McLeod Bethune.

And, in closing, "...when I hold onto resentment and blame, I occupy my spirit with bitterness. Today, I will find a more nurturing way to fill myself up."

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