Tuesday, February 18

Happiness Is An Inside Job, Part II .2/18/14

      Where to begin?  Many stories to tell.  Adventures, physical exertion, personal growth, along with romance thrown in, for good measure.

       I'm beat. Bushed. Wiped out. The past
two days have been hectic, on top of that I'm speaking this Saturday at the monthly fellowship for the local district of Al-Anon Family Groups.  I'm squirreling away large parcels of time, preparing for that, also.  There are other pressures I'm wrestling, as well.

       Years ago, I would be overwhelmed with all the responsibilities I'm handling.  "Fear makes true that which one is afraid of."  Viktor Frankl.  Now, I take it fifteen minutes at a time, enjoying serenity.  The good thing is, I'm happy, too.  Joy isn't externally related.  It is not based upon the job I have, being in a relationship, they type of car I drive or how much money I do or do not have in the bank.

        Happiness is an inside job, it is atti-tudinal. My present, persistent pressur-ing predicaments are at a pitch that before, would have moved me to anxiety.  So, my circumstances haven't changed.  I have.  That is the difference between surviving and thriving.

       Now, I make time to nurture me.  Yesterday, after seeing five clients, I cycled for more than an hour.  Eleven miles---in the hills.  I scooted along Lake Chabot, with a 38 lb satchel of books on the back of my steel steed, while wearing slacks.  There was no need for a windbreaker or vest on that cool day.

       Recently, I've helped clients put out relational fires different they are confronting.  No two days are the same.  This week, clients sat down and cried, before a word was uttered.  Despite all this, I'm happy, and thriving.  And no, I'm not crazy.

       I've written clients letters, I corresponded with a loved one last night and coaxed many, helping them transcend adverse circumstances.

My Gratitudes for Tuesday:

1.  Perseverance, the fruit of physical exercise and maintaining spiritual disciplines, drawing strength from my relationship with the God of my understanding.  I am happy.  I celebrate life, even when the storms of urban living shower me with ongoing pressure.

     Growth requires going beyond my comfort zone and realizing my limitations, appropriating a Power Greater Than Myself, that helps me seize life and enjoy it.  God can do for me what I can't do for myself.
2.  For writing. It produces clarity.  Inventorying areas in my life, writing out my feelings and thoughts,  lets me release, empty out, what's bottled within.  Scribing is a form of self care, making time for me.
3.  I'm not the man I was last week. I'm not the man I was in November. My life is getting better with each passing month, day, hour, each minute. This is the result of applying healthy principles above my personality.

    I'm going to bed.  I'm tired.  I'll see you tomorrow.

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