Friday, February 7

Visit With a Feline Ghost 2/7/14

     Good evening, all.  Are you enjoying life?  I am.  My week was full, and good.  Today, a visit with someone dear, and yesterday, with someone new, made for a wonderful seven days.  I'm working on a poem.  Yes, again; my third since November.  Before then, I hadn't written one in
ten years.  And I was good at it, if modesty is pushed aside.

        I figure I'll remain enigmatic, it may encourage Silent Readers---those who lurk with nary a word---to emerge from the shadows of this den of thanks.  They might want to inquire about the news spoken about here, or ask for clarity about I wrote in the previous paragraph.  None have nibbled on the bait, yet.

       Thursday morning a woman called.  Going outside, phone attached to ear, I strolled the neighborhood for forty-five minutes wearing pajamas and slippers, while exercising my mind, discussing her concerns.

      When done, I trekked two miles back home.  That is when I saw him.  Alexander's ghost.  My heart leapt, when I spied upon him.  Smokey-colored, green eyed, a ribbon held a bell around his neck.  And he wore a smile.

       I used a signal that attracts cats.  A cat whisperer, I am.  Sure enough, he ran towards me.  We became immediate friends, in the middle of the street, on Pacific Ave. in Alameda.  His back undulated as two of my fingers dug, going up and down each side of his spine.  His next treat was my gently pulling the loose skin between his upper ear and his cup-shaped skull.  Not allowing me to stop, he pushed his head into my hand.  On his back, he flopped, entreating a scratch of his taut young belly.

       A happy innkeeper, he made.  I am partial towards Russian Blues.  A floodgate of memories poured back into a reserved part of my heart, while spending time with this reincarnation of Alex.  I'm thankful for the ten minute vacation, had while standing in the middle of the road.  This new-found furry friend allowed me to embrace an unexpected gift God offered that day, if I but made the time.

My Gratitudes: 
1.  On this day I had a fabulous three hour conversation that met needs for honesty, laughter, warmth and love, this morning, on Skype.  Was I happy.
2.  I'll sleep in tomorrow.  Ya ay!  I appreciate balance and rest being a part of my schedule.  They help me to thrive.
3.  My smart phone assists me in staying on top of my appointments and making priorities, keeping me on track.  I'm learning its nuances, they are making me increasingly more effective.
4.  I look forward to traveling this summer, out of this country.  It will be more than worth it.  Although the flight will be long, more than 20 hours.  I am grateful for hope, and loved ones.
5.  I will call someone I have not spoken to in almost two years, tomorrow.  I look forward to the healing that will take place because of this call.

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes for today? 

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this damp, breezy but balmy for winter Saturday night, I am grateful...

1. In invest in my older sisters serenity this morning, via writing a letter and mailing a book that will provide her with understanding, healing and hope.

2. For those bittersweet moments when life humbles me; timely right-sizing that reveals areas for further growth; a blessing in disguise!

3. That the God of my understanding gave me the encouragement to change something I could engage a loved one in my owning a domestic error in judgement. (think loud action movie disrupting dinner preparations schedule)

4. To witness a 27 year old Italian figure skater at Sochi, flawlessly skate her way into our hearts to a moving "Ave Maria" (on her birthday!)

5. Sunday morning; sleeping in, no work, time with family and friends.

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