Wednesday, February 12

A Day Like a Box of Chocolates 2/12/14

     Today had an assortment of quali-ties.  It was a good day, a wonderful day and a sad day, in addition to being a day with loving anticipation.

Good:  I spent time with an accom-plished writer.  He's
sharpening my skills, just by my hanging out with him.
Wonderful: Scribing from the heart was fun.  Today, I completed my third poem in three months.  I am happy with how it took shape.  I look forward to sharing it.  It is an acrostic poem in free-verse, both of which I usually don't do, when penning poetry.

     I like tinkering with words. Even better, I like making words sing.
Sad:  I wrote a letter to someone I've known since I was twelve, saying I was ending our friendship.  He was my best man and I was his, when we married.  Yep, I let him know I gave up on our friendship, shedding a tear or two as I composed the missive.

     Just now, getting in from a full day, I read his reply.  He wants our friendship to continue.  No can do.  What was acceptable no longer is.  Most would think he's a nice guy.

     You readers know me by now.  I need more than superficiality.  I deeply engage with my friends. This guy is too busy.  I wrote that the world doesn't revolve around me.  I know that.  The infrequency of our times together was not acceptable.

      We get what we tolerate.

Anticipation: I will visit with someone in the next few days. I look forward to our time together. We'll chat, using Skype.

1.  I'm happy I voiced my disappointment with the long-term friend mentioned above.
2.  I'm writing a series of articles on the subject of acceptance. This subject is what allows us to have emotional health.  I look forward to helping others have greater understanding with this subject. Acceptance relates to the affective, not cognitive part of us.
3.  I had a delightful time meeting with friends tonight. The honesty, vulnerability and emotions expressed were healing.

How About You? 
What are three things that you thankful for?

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