Thursday, February 27

Dealing with Anger and Disappointment 2/27/14

“I don't possess these thoughts I have --- they possess me. I don't
possess these feelings I have --- They obsess me.” 
Ashly Lorenzana

Imiage: England: Northamptonshire by Tim Blessed.  Used by permission. 
     Good morning, everyone.  Yes, I'm back.  And I missed the midnight deadline.   It's getting exciting, here, at this inn of gratitude.  Soon enough, this place will be
three years old.  That being true the thirteenth of March.  There's another birthday that's even more important.  That of someone who won my heart.  Hers is on the seventeenth.

        As happens from time-to-time, I'm in the middle of stressful circumstances.  I don't know the outcome, yet.  My hope is in the God of my understanding.  Also, today, I was angry, sorta.  Not happy. That's unusual for this guy who is routinely joyful and optimistic.

       But hey, you know me.  Honesty is an important value to me and I want to be real.  I'm letting you know what is alive within me.  Disappointment kicked the butt of my emotions today.  The Big Picture: I know everything works out for the best.  This has been the case for me.  Always.

       Met with friends tonight at a new place.  The location was a bit noisy but the time spent excellent.  It was the tonic needed to deal with my frustrations and today's letdown.  The conversation went around the circle of friends gathered, with most of us sharing several times.  Our topic was feelings.  Great subject, and boy, did we go at it.

       Talk about feelings, I was moved by what everyone said.  However, one person brought me to tears.  Again.  The same individual has this effect upon me.  I've been working with this person nearly a year.  What a growth spurt I've seen in her over the past three months.

       I was proud of the steps she's taken, while under stress.  I value her openness, admiring the growth in her character.  Tonight, hearing her share about how she handled a stressful challenge, tears of happiness spontaneously flowed.  And that's okay.

1.  I spent time with someone dear to me, for several hours.  The conversation for the most part was good.  It was terrific hearing how she's using a God Box. I was happy hearing she's doing that.
2.  I'm being tried. Why am I grateful? It's allowing me to exercise patience and faith.
3.  I had a lovely time at work today.  I love the conversations I have with those I serve. Tonight was no exception.  With one client we spoke about what he can do to nurture and make amends to himself. Man, was that conversation intense, but intensely good.

   I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. I'll come back and work on this post tomorrow.

    Good night. May I hear your three gratitudes for today? That would be terrific. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

A blogging anniversary and the birthday of your special someone four days apart - March is going to be a wonderful month.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Thursday night, I am grateful for...

1. A moving moment with a chef; hearing his story of salvation by grace and faith in "Emmanuel;" as a 15 year old runaway on the mean, inner-city streets of gangland Nashville.

2. Seeing that relationship move to a new, higher, deeper level.

3. Hearing stories of growth and healing from our sons new, group-home life.

4. The rain that helps the mustard grow, row after row, between the gnarled, old-growth grape vines of Napa Valley.

5. Catching up with the brilliant, dry-wit and genius of James Spader in "Blacklist," while no longer grieving my loss of interest in "American Idol!"

6. Two new, "kinder and gentler" chickens to replace the mean one we sent back to her old roost in Crow Canyon.

7. Having a much lighter work day tomorrow, maybe a rewarding warm breakfast of bacon and eggs (vs. cold yogurt, apple, banana, granola bar, etc...) and time for exercise, rest and relaxation.

Syd said...

Sometimes our humanness just comes through. Hopefully, tomorrow is a happier day. Sounds as if you have good things happening in March.

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