Sunday, February 2

Revealing The News......2/2/14

Did you realize that this subject is
related to today's date?  Tutus: 2/2
       Last Wednesday, I startled Ted, a reference librarian at the Alameda Free Library.  For twenty-eight years, he's been a fixture at the place, pony-tail and all.  In the mid-afternoon, when the sun shines through the skylight into his face---while sitting at his desk---he dons a visor.  The only
librarian who does.  Smart guy, he.

       We're friends, our relationship nurtured by at least three times weekly 10-12 minute conversations shared before I find a place to write, research or meet with a client.  We chat in-depth, enjoying the interchange of ideas.

        When I show up at the library with someone new, which happens, weekly, I'll drop by his desk and point at him.  I'll say, "This is one of the nicest guys in this place."  Ted sheepishly smiles.  He says to the person, "I don't know what to say.  Pablo's a nice guy, too."

       But there's a twinkle in his eyes.  And I love it.

       On this particular mid-week day, last week, the 29th, some important news passed between us.  My life is going through improvements, in the upcoming months, I believe.  I gave him the scoop on details about the innkeeper.

       "Pablo, I don't normally do this," he said, scooting back in his chair, pushing away from the desk.  He rose and walked around the desk, to where I stood.

        Ted gave a big, warm, heart-felt hug.  "I'm happy for you," he said.  He returned to the desk, red-faced, wearing a wide smile, for him.   All this he did in the middle of the library, on the second floor.  Dozens of eyes fixed upon us, even.  Jeeze.

       "Thank you for sharing the news. You made my day.  I'm honored you shared this with me."  He was the first person with whom I revealed big news.

        No, I'm not going to start wearing tutus.

        How could I not have gratitude, after being treated this way by this nice guy?

My Gratitudes for Sunday: 
1.  I love my life.
2. With a few hundred others at the Englander Restaurant, I watched the Super Bowl.  Until it became unbearable.  Gratitude?  I feel much better about my team, the 49ers. They gave a fight until the last second, in the National Football Conference Championship, proving the were the second best team, and if a certain tipped ball had gone in another direction, could have been the best. They made more a game of it, than did the Denver Broncos.
3.  My son and I took in the game.  Venison burger was tried for the first time.  It was a different.  I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy the sandwich or puke it out, while swallowing it.   I survived.
4.  After the game, Pablo Jr. and I  went to a cafe. While downing caffeine, we had an animated conversation regarding my business, he being a businessman.  He was tough, cutting no slack.

      We looked at strategies regarding my business.  He naysayed one idea I floated.  His pragmatic and ruthless perspective is way different than mine.

      Being with him definitely fired up dormant dendrites within my mind, in addition to putting my brain through severe mental gymnastics.  All good.  That's why I sought his opinion.
5.  After talking shop, I filled him in on details affecting me.  I had no clue how he would respond.  He was quiet.

     "Dad, you are different than me.  But, then, you have more experience."  He was happy for me.  I was glad. I guess I valued his approval.  We ended our time with prayer, as always.
     How sweet it is---connecting with a son, him wanting my friendship, and I, his---us speaking openly, lovingly and honestly with each other.

6.  This year will be the grandest in my life.

How About You? 
A.  What are your highs and lows for the past week?
B.  What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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Carl H said...

On this Tuesday night, I am grateful for;

1. The flickering light of willingness that kindles flames of forgiveness, slowly thawing hearts encased in winters ice.

2. Being reminded of the essential role genuine compassion plays in any healthy, long-term relationship.

3. As "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step," so too it is with the first utterance of reconciliation.

4. A lively monthly gathering with friends tonight to explore ongoing, creative interfaith peace activism.

5. The mystical power of investing in the well being of another (finally venturing beyond the perceived, barbed-wire borders of my own malaise) to draw me out of shadows of self-absorption, self-pity and victim-hood.

6. Breathing the fresh air of relative domestic normalcy again. Stale, stuffy intransigence be gone!

7. Remembering that narrow, linear thinking is as blinders to an Arabian thoroughbred.

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