Saturday, February 8

This Week's Buzzword: Patience. Enjoying a Great Big Life. Also, The Weekly Roundup: Highs and Lows ...................2/8/14

      Patience. This week had its drama, requiring the exercise of this silent and underused virtue.  Monday and Tuesday were demanding, physically and emotionally, I was spent by 6:00 p.m.

      Friday extruded me emotionally to places where I have never been before.  Really, I've been there, but in the past my reactions were
immature.  Yes, they were.  My improved response was what took me to a new place, characterologically.  I am the better for it. (Even though the little Pablo within me hated being mature, because I was disappointed.)  

       Yes, this is the time, when I review the week just completed.  How the days speed by. This past week, did it go well for you?  I rested today but remain tired.

        But, life is as I want it to be: good, vibrant, full of color, with visions of hope and joy.  I would not trade mine for any other.  Lately, my emotions have been tried.  I'm glad I'm enduring this challenging time with grace. It allows me to keep my equanimity, even when being poked by circumstances.


      That was the buzzword for this week.  I mellower than I was as a young man.  But I remain intense. Now, however, with recovery, I have perspective and a peace that transcends unpleasant circumstances.  Detaching with love, applying principles above my personality, and being internally referented helps when frustrated.  But still.

       I am aware my character is being shaped with each challenge faced, each crisis I plod through and each disappointment endured. Then again, the stormy perspective that looms on my emotional horizon, when I don't maintain my recovery, is almost always self-created.  Much of the negativity I perceive as real, isn't.  That's right, it isn't real.

       The baggage from my past can get in the way of having a accurate perspective.  Fortunately, as I consistently apply healthier alternatives and principles to life's problems, they slowly replace the smudges in my outlook and the sludge of negativity from the well of my soul.  Am I glad.

  My Highs:
1.  I am continually learning skills and approaches that allow me to better serve others.  This is better than ossifying.  Increased mental and emotional flexibility, born from applying new ways to deal with life's demands invigorates me.

       I'm shedding the skin of my old ways for action that not only helps others, but me.
2.  Each week, including this one, I become less of a social aborigine.  I know most people appreciate who I am.  However, I ongoingly see areas for personal growth.  I like the trajectory it is taking.  The colors of my life are more vivid and crisp. I am more in my body and my emotions are clearer, deeper.  My friendships are healthier and I have greater fortitude to handle whatever comes my way.

    This progress will continue until I am pushing up daisies. :->  Life, with its fullness and possibilities provides thrills, each day.
3.  Key to growth and happiness in my connection with God.  The showers of His love waters the soil of my soul, allowing it to thrive. This week I've received many kisses from Him.

     I feel compassion for those living with a bleak image of Him.  My heart goes out to those who consider spirituality, especially theirs, as drudgery.  How tragic is that?

      My God walks with me, He talks with me and tells me I am His, dearly loved by Him. He walked beside me, this week, even when I failed and did less than my best.
4. I enjoy my friendships. They are real. We can dig beneath the surface of life. We share our joys along with discussing the hurtful edges to everyday living.

5.  My joy for the future grew this week.  I look with eagerness to the upcoming days, month and year, while staying present, making the most of today.

My Lows: 
1.  I want to ride my bike more.
2.  I desire to spend more time, connecting with this earth. The demands of my schedule could easily distract me from spending time, grounded with this world. I need to make time to inhale nature's beauty.
3.  I need to get better sleep.  I'll see what I can do this week, to improve this important area in my life.

How About You? 
What are your highs and lows for this past week?
How have you been encouraged to exercise patience? 

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

My HIGHS for this past week were;

1. Time with our weekly circle of friends sharing stories of hope in healing.

2. Time in the fellowship of song, prayer and discussion with kindred souls of our spiritual community.

3. Time with my nearly 90 year old mom as Saturday caregiver; lunch and grocery shopping.

4. Reaching out to my sister with a rare, loving letter and the gift of "Courage to Change."

5. Returning to the gym on Sunday afternoon, to swim for the first time in months, following a protracted cold. What joy and liberation!


1. Working slowly through an emotional impasse with a loved one. Patience here is truly paying off! Progress not perfection, one day at a time...

2. Having to own an error in judgement on Sunday evening.

My Gratitudes on this Tuesday night are;

1. Watching Downton Abbey on Sunday night.

2. Surviving a workday of seemingly endless mishaps, so numerous, they became nearly comical! Tomorrow will be better!

3. Planning ways to "stay in the solution" with a disgruntled customer when we meet again on Thursday.

4. Sneaking in a post-nap exercise jaunt of 12 brisk laps around our house, before leaving for a night out.

5. Attending a simple, brief and beautiful wedding ceremony tonight in the Berkeley Hills with my wife, son and many of his friends.

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