Thursday, December 19

The Telling Quality of A Safe Person. Also, Time With a Son, Revisited.

My son and I ate at IHOP.  The only place open late. I had
lemon chicken  My son ate this along with bacon and sausage.
      Good evening everyone. The gratitudes posted are today's, as well as my comments about Safe People.  The part about character, is something posted before.  I hope you're enjoying this Christmas season.

1. I'm glad God allows me to see beyond my perspective.
2. I'm happy observing God at work in and through my life. It's a privilege, being able to serve others, making my life count.
"I submit to you that if a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live."  Martin Luther King, Jr.
3. I celebrated someone's birthday today, treating him to dinner.  I love the connection, honesty and authenticity we shared together.

        The past month, with clients, I've unveiled material developed over the past three months.  It's about bonding, creating community, Safe and Unsafe People, including information about barriers that preventing connection with others at the soulish level.  I thinking about sharing some of this information with you, my guests to this inn.

        Helping others is deeply satisfying.  The material is creating clarity and they are tentatively bumping up their friendships to a deeper, more fulfilling level---to that of a Safe Person.

        Many that I work with thought their friends were such a person.  I ask if these people know the intense, inner struggles they are wrestling with, the depression they battle or the fears that still plague them. Without exception, the answer has been no.

        When we have a Safe Person in our lives, they are aware of these vulnerable areas. And are there, supporting us, loving us, even when we are at our most psychotic, unattractive and vulnerable.


We Reveal Our Character with Every Breath

    The other night, I had dinner with my oldest son.  It's deeply satisfying seeing him develop as a young man. I celebrated with him that he is finishing college this quarter
     I loved the heart-felt laughter and the warmth shared between us. He revealed what's going on in his life.  I'm glad he's forgiven me for my ineptitude as a young father. Being the oldest, he was the guinea pig when I practiced my initial attempts at parenting.

    Watching him yesterday, from across the table, as we ate, my mind transposed to the image of the cute little boy with chubby cheeks I used to play with. Now, his hair is receding. He's university educated and the president of an organization.

    He had a midterm today, Monday, and a paper due, also. Yet, he made time for dear old dad, last night. Thanks son, for loving me as much as you do.
"Many think they reveal their character by their words and their overt actions. Not knowing that we reveal our character or lack of it, in every breath we take."          Ralph Waldo Emerson
     Thank you, son, that as you rubbed your bacon into the strawberry sauce that covered your pancakes and smiled at me----as you chewed and swallowed it----you said more to me than words could express. You allowed me, once again, to see the impish little boy I once knew.

     Thanks for making time, so we could talk and enjoy the bond we have. I'm proud of you and cherish you as a son.

 Gratitude number four:  I'm honored that my three sons want me as their friend.

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