Thursday, December 5

Not Going It Alone: Getting Support 12/05/13

    Good evening,

I liked what I wrote last night.  I can't top it. That's okay. My best for this evening will be good enough.
Have you taken time to thank God? You'll be glad you did. 
A home in my neighborhood
Not Alone While Weathering a Emotional Storm
         Yesterday, I spoke with my friend Charli while strolling through my neighborhood for an hour. She's in her seventies, whose insights I respect. A notepad and pen were on hand, while I walked and wrung wisdom from this wonderful woman.

          She's the definition of pithiness.  Jotting down her comments
helps.  When she speaks, I'm unable to process it all.  In minutes, she pours out useful wisdom that takes me a week to digest.  Am I lucky knowing her.

          It's been since October since we've talked. I was in dire need, happy when I heard her alert voice at the other end of my call.

          It strengthens me, drawing upon the support of wise friends. They help me not be so discombobulated.  Time with this long-term Balcony Person reminded me of the value of not living in isolation.  Her comments oriented me after recently being jarred after slamming into the sliding glass door of an unpleasant reality.

         That disturbing experience clouded my perspective the past month.  I didn't want to react but respond to the unpleasant event.  Charli's experience, strength and hope was sought.

          Her insight was appreciated: Charli didn't let me down.  Talking with her, reacquainted me with her humor.  Laughing heartily, several times, while we talked was an oasis for what had been a month bleak and dry, the result of pettiness, gossip and envy of others.  Luxuriating in the friendship of a Safe or Balcony person allowed my soul to relax again.

           Thanks, Charli.  I love you and am lucky, benefiting from your wisdom and love for me.  You demonstrate the value of connecting with others and not relying on my resources alone.  I'm appreciate the help provided when relating with emotionally mature others.  My character improves. Clearer insights are conjured.  The collective strength of my supportive community I cherish

        Better responses I learned from my time with my friend. Better than any I would have come up with, if left to my perspective.  All that was required was admitting I'm not God and my vulnerability.

        The emotional and psychological support received from Balcony People helps me in my day of trouble.  Their support allows me to push through barriers that once had me penned within my fears and anxieties.

My Gratitudes for Thursday:
1. A productive day that was balanced. 
2. Nothing beats community, love, shared joy and support.
3. I'm able to write this post; it's great connecting with you.
4. I met with someone new. We discussed how she can have her needs met, even if she's not getting the support she needs. All of which made for a terrific afternoon.

How About You?  
1. Who aids you, when you need it?  Today, Charli was in my corner. 
2. Who do you seek out, when stumped by the circumstances of  life? 

     I like hearing your ideas; my perspective is limited. 
    Thanks for dropping by. Thanks also to those who read and leave comments. I enjoy the community we share, when you do.

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this frosty Saturday night, I am grateful...

1. That somehow, magically, finally - knock on wood - the malicious, evil, Trojan horse, browser-hijacker that had burrowed deep, down inside my software and taken over my laptop seems to have been banished (after hours of trying every anti-virus and mallware fix on earth!) My heart truly goes out to anyone, anywhere who is ever afflicted with such a high-tech curse!!!

2. That my sons got the roofing on their back-yard recording studio just a few days before our recent torrential rainfall.

3. That their new back-yard chicken coop - yes folks, our youngest son, Anthony is taking over the "South 40!" (built virtually free; of re-purposed wood) is nearly completed and ready for 4-6 chickens, and a couple dozen "free" eggs per week, we hope! No roosters, neighbors...we promise!

4. That our #2 son, Dan would volunteer to travel with me to Grandma's house in Walnut Creek, do her grocery shopping, and help with afternoon errands. Nice that I had some company, and a driver today!

5. That our oldest son Jan helped so much during his short visit to fix and build so many things; and "bring the plus" in so many ways.

6. That an exceptional circle of friends could gather on Wednesday night for fellowship in healing and recovery; sharing our experience, strength and hope, as we pioneered a new gathering and ethos.

7. That I could take an emotional and mental vacation tonight and watch a relatively mindless, somewhat amoral, but entertaining DiNiro film called "Family."

8. That my wife could celebrate her 38th Spiritual Birthday tonight with two lady friends; stepping out to see "Philomena" with Judy Dench! She loved it!!!

9. That the God of my understanding has blessed us with a warm, dry home, food, clothing, family, friends and a purpose.

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