Monday, December 30

Joy and Gratitude, Even On A Stressful Day 12/30/13

No, these people did not help me move nor
 is this a picture of the inside of my house.
Besides, we wore jeans.
       Good evening,

How are you?  I've been busy, moving, today.  Something I haven't done in years.  But, I'm glad.  The venue is

       The environment is pleasant, peaceful, positive.  Where I'm staying is quieter, more tree-lined and attractive.  Plus, I'm not interacting with the Beethoven-like guy, my lot for over two years.  That makes me happy.

       Good, encouraging, loving and uplifting things took place today, as I organized, arranged, cleaned, boxed, hefted heavy items, sweated and removed clutter in the process of moving.  Boy, did I need the love received today.

       Four friends---each as varied as a cactus is from a Redwood tree---made for a brighter, easier day for the innkeeper.  It was filled with support, appreciation and affirmation.   You can see why I have an attitude of gratitude.

      Today, I bet your day was easier than mine.  Moving provided an opportunity to practice focusing on simply doing the next right thing.  Today's stress did not detract from the gifts life offers, if I only look.

My Gratitudes: 
1.  Having four men help.  One had a truck, another, a van.
2.  Seeing their love in action as we dealt with mundane things.
3.  Enjoying dinner, afterwards, with one of them.
4.  Seeing one fellow doing all he could to make this change easier for           me.
5.  For the laughter, fellowship and teamwork that lasted throughout           the day.
6.  For the peace of mind I have, living in an environment that is emotionally toxic-free.

How About You, 
What are your three gratitudes for today?

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Congratulations on your year-end move! This sounds like an emotional and spiritual liberation for you of sorts, and certainly a fine way to begin the New Year! Cudo's to you Pablo for your new life in your new home!

On this New Years Day 2014, I am grateful for...

1. A quiet, serene, reflective time of song, prayer and meditation last night with fellow parishioners as we prayed in the New Year together.

2. The honor and blessing of attending last Friday, 12-27 (ironically our youngest sons 21st Birthday), the joyous (yes, joyous) memorial service for our dear friends 12 year old son, long suffering with cancer. To share with these special parents this ultimate "letting go" of a precious child was beautiful and moving, beyond words.

3. Hearing last night from my friend David, the Rabbi, a most serendipitious recommendation from our shared "Mystical Mentor" to read or watch "Pride & Prejudice!" Amazingly, I had just dug the DVD out from a dusty pile by our living room TV set, and there it sat, for me to discover!

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