Sunday, December 8

Highs and Lows 12/08/13

   Hello, how are you?

Thanks for dropping by.  I'll share the highs and lows for the past week, something I'm wont to do on weekends.

High Points for This Week:
1.  I've had a rich time with special friends, especially on Wednesday.  The acceptance, appreciation, belonging, caring and closeness we
enjoyed nurtured me.  That's always good.
2.  In-depth conversations with another friend, Saturday and this morning perked up the innkeeper. With this individual we talk left-handed language, which is what I like best, which means we spoke more globally, less linearly.  The emotional safety, intimacy, mutuality we share makes our times rich, deep and satisfying. The hours together flies by.
3.  I love the Balcony People in my life.  After I'm with them, I am energized, vitalized and a better person because of time spent with them.
4.  I pushed through---persevered this week, tending to details related to my work, even after having an emotionally demanding day.  Friday, for twelve hours, I did administrative work, for example.
5.  I'm thankful for expressing my voice, saying what I feel, in areas where I used to clam up.  It's a great feeling,  having confidence and being accepted when spending time with the safe, or balcony, people in my life.  The real me can appear.  When I bond with the safe people in my life, there is no threat of rejection.  I find the message in the following quote liberating:
"Today I will be what I want to be. I will not alienate myself from my needs and feelings by pretending I'm something I'm not.  When I disconnect from my true self, I lose touch with my spirit.  I become deadened and depressed and wind up throwing part of myself away."     Rokelle Lerner, Daily Affirmations, p. 349
Low Points:
1.  It's been bitterly cold.  Riding my bike is a challenge when the cold penetrates my body, making me shiver for twelve minutes after I entered a warm building. This happened the other day when I didn't prepare for the cold, forgetting my knit cap and sweater, wearing only a windbreaker.
2.  Last night I suffered from food poisoning or the flu, not sure which.  I got up six times in the middle of the night with a sick, sour taste in my mouth, the kind I have when I know I'm about to reverse the eating process.  The cramps in my stomach, that lasted throughout the night were not fun.
3.  I spent time with a controlling person earlier this week.  I handled the situation okay, but it's nicer if I didn't have to.

How About You? 
What were you high and low points for the past week? 

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

My high was spending time last Saturday with my 89 year old mom and my second oldest son, Dan. And, that was followed with a pleasant family dinner, and impromptu early birthday song and cake for him, on Sunday night. (his actual 29th birthday isn't until tomorrow).

My low was needlessly worrying for a couple of days, about a financial matter that took care of itself. That is, it was under control; in God's hands all along. Lesson; let go, let God, and things usually work out OK.

On this still chilly Tuesday night, I am grateful...

1. For hot water to shower, shave and regularly refresh the soul. Not to mention all the brilliant (maybe) brainstorms that emerge while doing the above...

2. To return home from work early enough tonight; to drink in the fresh, cool hillside air and scenery, and hike 12 laps around the modest perimeter of our home, for a bit of pre-dusk aerobics.

3. To catch some of Nelson Mandela's moving memorial service in Soweto on the news tonight.

4. That I can find it silly and foolish that critics and detractors are making such a fuss about a handshake in South Africa between President Obama and President Raul Castro of Cuba. I'm strongly opposed to Castro's regime, and oppression of his own people, AND believe it was in keeping with the spirit of Mandela's lifelong work for reconciliation, that they reached out to each other. Healing does not happen in a vacuum.

5. I can somehow find it in my heart to forgive the local wood burning stove "Spare the Air" gestapo (Wow...I sound like my Dad..yikes!) for banning home fireplace fires on so many of these past, few, frigid nights! I suppose they do have our best, air-quality interests at heart...

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