Tuesday, December 10

A Happy Innkeeper 12/10/13

      Good evening, one and all.  How you be?  The week has been sensa-tional.  Better, my relationships are sustaining me,  even while I'm pressed on all sides.

My Gratitudes for Tonight:
1.  Balance.  After hectic days, I'm making time for
me.  Time at work, I'm managing, too,  creating periods of rest in my hectic days.  It feels good thriving, while enduring pressure.
2.  The multitude of phenomenal conversations that take place, daily.  I'm fortunate, doing what I love for a living.  I'm thankful I help others, contributing to their welfare, having stimulating days while at it.
3.  Today was especially busy, adding new clients.  Afterwards, I wrote work-related notes and followed up on tests I've given lately.  It is gratifying observing clients arrive at insights, developing characterological strength, which helps them transcend their circumstances.  I love the honesty and authenticity that takes place during sessions.
4 Since Saturday, I've been ill.  Food poisoning.  Yuck.  Today has been the best day, so far.  I'm thankful I'm out of the woods and am regaining my full health.  Speaking of which.........
5. I cycled---now for twenty-one months, without once using my car---in frigid weather Sunday, doing so without my knit cap, sweater or jacket, freezing in the process.  Not the best situation.  Those few miles traveled were among the most unbearable, ever.

    I'm grateful I did not get sick.  Wow, was I lucky.  Lesson learned.
6.  My football team won a BIG, must-win game Sunday against a powerhouse competitor.  Enjoying the success of the Forty-Niners contributes to my overall celebration of life.
7.  Yesterday, someone approached me in person---unexpectedly---telling me he wanted to work with me.  I love the adventure of never knowing how a day turns out.
8.  I love the strength I have because of my relationship with God, His love for me and that I receive from my Balcony People.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today? You've heard mine. Your gratitudes contribute to the community we share here.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Thursday night, I am grateful...

1. We could sift through several family photo's to pick one for our annual Christmas cards.

2. For a delightful PBS special retrospective on Downton Abbey, whose much anticipated fourth season airs in the U.S. on January 5.

3. For a chance to let one of our sons go out Christmas shopping with a friend tonight to chose his own gift, sparing us the grief of shopping in the sometimes unfortunate "material madness" of the season; a season about so much more! A season about faith, family and ultimate love.

4. For a saner than usual workday Thursday. A grand but unrealistic plan was thankfully thwarted by circumstance, allowing simplicity and kindness to self.

5. For a rich and meaningful time last night with friends sharing experiences, strength and hope in a healing circle as we create a "new ethos,"

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