Tuesday, December 17

Creating New Material---Having Fun 12/7/13

Image: "Cumbria: Mountain Gateway" by Tim Blessed.
Copyrighted photo. Used by permission. 
    Good morning.
Monday night, I worked and here I am, later than normal.   How are you?  I'm tired but happy.  Material that my clients want---how to
have and develop safe/balcony relationships, I'm creating.  Everything is coming along fine.  Would you like me to share it here? Let me know.

     I made it to work today, on time, even though the back wheel to my bike was stolen Sunday morning, sometime before 1:30 a.m.

    My life is up for improvements. More about that, in another post.

My Gratitudes for Monday: 
1.  I had to be on my toes today. No two days are alike. No two sessions with the same client are alike. Variety, creativity, deep thought, much disciplined study and a good memory keeps me in good stead.
2. I look forward to seeing a friend this Saturday. Can't wait.
3. I'm working on a new poem. That's a nice change from my routine. I hadn't written a poem in years until last month.
4. Someone today hated himself.  I was glad being a support, letting him know he is a valued, loved and gifted individual.
5.  A client I haven't seen in awhile, the result of a new but demanding job, called me, wanting to see me. We're back on track, we'll work on issues of hers.
6.  I stood up to manipulation. That felt great.  I value my autonomy, dignity and my right to make my own choices.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My three gratitude for today are:

1. My dad is continuing to recover well from his surgery last month

2. Only 8 more days til Christmas!!

3. A wonderful new friend I met recently

Have a great day Pablo!

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Tuesday night, I am grateful...

1. For a pleasant if brief visit with my older sister today in Walnut Creek, while taking care of some banking matters for our aging Mom.

2. For cough syrup, orange juice home-made, Polish soup, an abbreviated work-day schedule, which afforded some much needed rest.

3. For a new, free, home-style haircut tonight, just in time for Christmas!

4. For finally beginning to stuff and label our Christmas Card/Photos, so we can get them in the mail, in time.

5. For some unexpected prosperity today at work, via holiday dining lobster purchases from some of my high-end chefs.

6. For a new, ever expanding gathering of friends tomorrow night, in a quiet corner, on a quaint island in the bay, to share our experiences, strength and hope!

7. For the following tradition, which is so fitting, in light of this new gathering; "Principles Above Personalities."

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Thursday night, I am grateful;

1. For two, separate, intense, challenging, and yet moving and gratifying meetings last night with a wise and honest mentor and a sweet circle of sensitive and deeply thoughtful friends. We shared our experiences; tears and laughter, our strength and our hope in healing - so nourishing and needed during this Christmas Season.

2. Meeting with two, separate, world-renowned, celebrity chefs today who unexpectedly extended genuine handshakes of gratitude for our kind service.

3. Giving one chef a humble tin of Christmas "biscuits" and, again, unexpectedly encountering thankfulness. It is "the thought that counts!"

4. A homemade, winter comfort-food, pasta dinner!

5. The "Mute" button on the TV Remote Control - what a blessing! Could we not at times, all use a mute button for certain individuals or situations, in our daily lives?

6. Nearly completing our Christmas Cards.

7. That the "spare the air," secret police lifted the 9 or 10 consecutive day ban, so we could actually build fires and heat our home properly; the old fashioned, Neanderthal way. I believe they are engaged in a kick-back conspiracy with PG&E! How about a "spare our heating bill day (or week)?"

8. For some of the recent, touching and heartfelt film roles Queen Latiffah has blessed us with.

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