Saturday, December 14

The Ebb and Flows of This Week

   Good evening, everyone.  I'm sitting inside of Peet's Coffee on Park St., waiting for the new Hobbit movie to start over at the Alameda Theater, at 10:20, tonight. The 9:25 p.m. showing was sold out.  I'm meeting with a friend.  Time to give myself a mental break.

   How are you handling the holiday season?  I'm doing well. Tomorrow, my day will be easier than normal, allowing me to catch a Niners game. Ya ay! I'll watch it in San Leandro, with my family, at the Englander's Sport Bar and Restaurant.

    Here it is, Saturday.  You know the routine.  Time for sharing the high and low point for this concluding week. Here are mine:

High Points: 
1.  Keeping my sanity in the midst of competing demands.
2.  Seeing God at work in those I serve.
3.  Spending time, writing.  I'm developing material to help others find and develop Balcony/Safe People in their lives.  I'll use it this upcoming week. If I hear enough interest, I may post it here. What do you think?
4.  I've found a satisfactory place for me to stay in Alameda, as I look for a more long-term solution.
5.  Today was my day off. Thank God for rest.

Low Point: 
1.  I routinely relate with an unhappy person who is not nice.  His affect and character doesn't disturb me much, but it would be better if he was kind. I'm glad I'm not externally referented.

How About You? 
What are your high and low points for this week?

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

My high for the week was a most productive workday on Friday.

My low was some ongoing challenges with one petulant son.

On this Saturday night, I am grateful for...

1. A joyful Christmas Party gathering tonight in the Oakland Hills, with fine food, live music, impromptu couples duets, a singing Latin American Consul General, Carol sing-along's, fellowship and deep sharing among 35 fellow Ambassadors for Peace. It was to be from 5-7:00 pm; closing with each holding a candle in a mystical circle of light, singing "Let there be peace on earth," followed by a prayer. Many were still lingering as late as 8:00 pm.

2. No work tomorrow, and sleeping in on a Sunday morning.

3. Being firm but loving with those who need it, and wise enough to lose a small battle or two, here or there, in order to win the war.

4. Braving what looked like long "Return" lines at Best Buy to return an unnecessary and expensive Christmas gift for a full refund.

5. Getting our Christmas Card Family Photo done, and ready to pick up for mailing tomorrow.

6. Experiencing the joy of service around an organizational role with our new healing circle.

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