Monday, December 2

Highs and Lows for Last Week. What Are Yours? 12/2/13

      Good evening everyone,

Yes, I've been absent for awhile, longer than normal. I slowed down for the holidays.  On Thanksgiving Day, until 11:45 p.m.,  I didn't have
a power cord----I ruined mine the night before, so I was unable to post for two days. The computer was out of juice, dead in the water, pick your metaphor.

      Best Buy was open until midnight.  After purchasing the cord, I cycled to a nearby restaurant, sneaking in a post, a few minutes before the day ended.  I biked 11 miles to Emeryville to make the purchase, this, after cycling thirteen miles earlier in the day with friends.  I haven't ridden 24 miles in a day for quite awhile.

      It's interesting how life's circumstances meanders, following its course.  Unfortunately, I'm moving.  All for the best, I trust.  Life has worked that way for me.  I'll see what I can do to remain in Alameda.  I love the town and people.

      This weekend, I didn't post my highs and lows for last week. So, here they are.

1.  I drew from an reservoir of personal strength while processing betrayal from people I've known for six years. The result: joy, equanimity, happiness and peace were mine.  Years ago, that would not have been the case. I'm thankful for not being externally referented.
2. I had a delightful time Wednesday night with friends. The topic was emotions.  Timely.  I was thrilled hearing people share powerfully who had never spoken up before.
3. Saturday, I visited with a friend for four hours, using Skype.  Though separated by distance, our time was close, comforting and uplifting.  The authenticity, intimacy, naturalness and honesty of our discussions made for a great time.  I like the way this person thinks and this individual's outlook on life.
4.  My business is growing, getting stronger with each additional month.  In today's economy, this fact is not taken for granted.
5.  Last week I fired a client. Yep, I did.  I'm glad I don't accept unacceptable behavior. Believe me, I'd prefer that the relationship had worked out.  But, I can't help people who aren't motivated.  My clients' desire to get healthier has to be stronger than my desire to help them.
6.  I'm thrilled seeing clients grow, becoming more themselves, less obsessed with crisis, enjoying more peace. Most now express their voice, and are discovering dignity and happiness as the fruit of their labors. This happens when we work on areas where our character needs to grow.
7.  There were 30,000 views for last month, with 7,500 unique visitors.  I'm glad many make this place their home away from home.
8.  I spent Saturday with a son. We cycled at Sunol Regional Park. It was cold, but being enveloped by hills, streams and trees was phenomenal.  Afterwards we saw the latest Hunger games movie. Time with family. Can't beat that.

1.  Witnessing people taking over an Al-Anon Family Group meeting who don't know its basic principles: the Steps and Traditions.  Seeing the damage caused by gossip, betraying anonymity and jealousy is troubling and disappointing.
2.  I am not sleeping regularly.  I've been disturbed in the morning for the past few weeks by noise.  I need my sleep.  My work is intense and I need rest to help my mind to decompress.
3.  My long hours working is limiting my alone time, which is usually sacrosanct. My alone time makes me, me.
4. Friday morning, I had excruciating leg cramps.  The result of twisting my leg in bed after cycling for 24 miles the day before.  The pain seemed to go on forever. During that time, I thought I was going insane.

How About You? 
What were your highs and lows for last week? 

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

I'm sorry to hear about your leg cramps. I know how intense that pain can be; few pains can compare! I hope you are able to sleep through the night going forward. Sleep is so restorative and healing. And I hope your move goes smoothly and you end up in a better space than before. I have an old van with lots of space if you need help with your move...

My High for this week was quality time over brunch with family and friends at my sisters sprawling ranch home reunion in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, near Placerville. And the group photo's were fantastic!

My Low was learning of a brothers ongoing battle with denial around dual diseases, and hearing the pain in my sisters tears as she described her sadness when encountering that again.

My Tuesday night Gratitudes are;

1. A wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend visit with our oldest son and his wife from Virginia. While she had to fly home to work yesterday morning, he is able to linger on here until tomorrow; precious time with him to catch up.

2. An excellent late lunch conversation with this son yesterday afternoon, over a decent burger here in Castro Valley. Providing him with needed perspective re; our "Job's Course" these past several years, and the toll that can take on the human psyche and body.

3. Joyful dinner fellowship tonight over a home-made pizza, salad and guest-brought pie and ice cream, with three sons and an old neighborhood buddy of theirs from Virginia. Reminiscing about the good old days back home in the old neighborhood, and the many adventures these boys shared growing up there.

4. That at work today I was able to get on top of my tardy response to credit-holds on clients who had fallen behind in their payments; nearly caught up!

5. That I could take time from work for some needed grocery shopping therapy and "me time" to decompress with a decent hot dog and drink.

6. That Robitusin works wonders on an early winter sore throat; progress not perfection in healing...

7. That I can take time out of the stresses, challenges, saddening family news, and work-related pressures to enjoy some levity; humorous moments with my best friend who is in Korea; halfway around the world. Sometimes (sans computer glitches) technology can be a blessing!

8. That I now have the tools needed to better manager a difficult discussion with our petulant son tonight or tomorrow.

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