Sunday, December 15

Latest Adventure

Not my bike, but it gives you the idea.
 I don't have fenders
     Hello everyone.

I just got in from watching the new Hobbit movie. While enjoying the film, someone stole the back wheel to my bike, as it was locked up to a pole on Park Street, in front of the Blue Danube cafe.  Yikes!

     A young policeman took the report and gave the rest of the bike and me a ride home.  It would have been a mini challenge, carting it home by myself, with a laptop and books attached to the rear rack.

     I still think I'll watch the Niners game later, this morning with my family.  Afterwards, I'll see about getting a new wheel and tire. Wow.   How's that for a how-do-you-do?

     What am I grateful for?
1.  For perspective.  If a stolen wheel is the worst for this week, I'm doing well. For not allowing the petty things of life to detract from all the riches and blessings my life has.
2.  For the kind help from the police officer.
3.  For my health and happiness. They can never be robbed. I still have them.

     I'll check in with you later.

       A surprised innkeeper


Syd said...

That is not good to have your tire stolen at a movie. Not a happy thing.


Sorry, Pablo! You met a great policeman, though! As we used to say in the UC: "But I did have a good experience!" I am joking, but you must've been very shocked to find your wheel missing!

Vanessa Higgins said...

Great attitude my friend. I am happy to hear that this unkind action has not brought you down. And what a sweet cop - that action probably made him feel pretty good too I bet!

I helped a friend doing suicide watch this weekend. Not the healthiest idea for an unstable person like me but I really wanted to help!! I was lower energy today but felt fulfilled and blessed to NOT be on suicide watch myself.

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