Wednesday, September 21

A Few Thoughts and Bon Mots from the Innkeeper

      Good evening,

My goodness, this has been a phenomenal week.Work has been good, times with friends has been good and this blog has had a  big spurt of visitors coming through the doors. In the past day we've had 600 visitors.

    I have to get up early so I'll write more tomorrow. Did you re-read yesterday's post? I totally revamped it. You might want to check it out.

My Gratitudes for Wednesday: 

1. This evening I spoke. I love doing so; the results were positive. A friend I haven't seen in 5 years showed up to hear me. It was surprising to see her in the audience. I'm grateful for pleasant surprises and
the gifts God gave me, that allow me to serve others.
2. Afterwards, I had dinner with a group of friends. Some stories I shared and I found myself  tearing up; I mentioned the last two days I had with my mother, before she died. Someone was kind and put their hand on my shoulder as I choked up.  I thank God for intimacy, community, support and love. I'm a lucky man.
3. I'm grateful for respect. I love respecting and listening to my sons, those who work for me and the opinions of others. I can learn from anybody, if I have the willingness to listen---something I have.
4. I'm meeting with someone I mentor tomorrow morning. I look forward to our time together. This person works hard regarding her personal growth. I'm proud of the efforts she makes. Her example is gratifying.
5. I'm thankful for reality. I've tried relating with someone and I see this person is unable to be in relationship with others. I will feel the disappointment and concentrate my efforts with those who are not as difficult and do want a relationship. I'm thankful for the quote:
"I block my well being every time I base my self-worth on what I do or what other people think of me."
                                       Courage to Change, p118

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