Saturday, September 10

Taking Time for Self and Getting Clarity When Communicating

    Good day to the visitors from the U.S., Thailand, England, Spain, Nepal, Malaysia and India,
Thanks for dropping by. The past few weeks there's been a seesawing battle between England and Spain for the second position in terms of views.

     These two nations almost rival the readership this inn has from the American viewers. We've had over two thousand viewers over the past week---I'm happy seeing a guest from France, our first, from Paris.  I've yet to see any from Japan.

     I'd love hearing from you. I guess a guy can dream.
Just set your egg timer and write for ten minutes, that's all. Remember, progress, not perfection is our goal. Besides, you are safe in your anonymity--no need to worry about what you post. Lastly, in this inn of encouragement, praise and thanks you will find only support, not criticism, Balcony People, not sarcasm----may I ask you to give it a try, and post your gratitudes? Thanks!

       I'm leaving in a minute to attend a conference. The smell of homemade soup wafts throughout my home in Alameda, California. The weather is lovely, warm with no humidity. Last night's movie was fine but meeting with others is better, something I'll experience in 45 minutes.

       What thanks have ye? You routinely, almost daily, hear mine. When you post you may not be aware you're using black ink on this black background, making it not possible for me to read what you write. May I ask you to try again?  You add to the community we enjoy here when you post.
My Gratitudes for This Morning: 

1. I'm thankful for earplugs. They help me keep my sanity when the noise around me is too loud, like now.
2. For seeing healthy options when confronted with a challenge.  I can journal, talk with a friend or go for a walk when stressed, for example. For more ideas about this subject and for making the most out of our day, please click here. Another helpful resource is the following. For ideas on how to stay intact and refreshed while enduring stress, click here.

3. I'm glad that I'm slowly recovering from the effects of moving to a new home and city. I'm grateful I'm listening when my taxed mind and body speak.

    I've been a bit tired from all the hubbub associated with transplanting myself to an island city. Thank God for rest, for staying present when I can easily be distracted by the demands of living in a huge metropolitan area.

    Moving to this town is good for my soul, mind and body, when they are weary. It's a getaway from said cosmopolitan influences. The tree-lined streets, the bay breeze, the sandy boundaries to the city, the bay stretching out for sixteen plus miles---offering a panoramic view of the San Francisco peninsula mountains, the small shops, coffee houses and abundant number of quaint well-kept Victorian homes makes living where I live a nice respite from urban living.

4. I'm happy with my life.

      Celebrating it increases when I keep an attitude of gratitude, and surround myself with emotionally healthy others while using courteous boundaries when necessary. It also helps making the time to invest in myself. Quiet Time---time for reflection, exercising my spiritual disciplines and physically exerting myself are wonderfully invigorating ways of doing so.
5. I'm eager about the new features I'll be adding to this inn. Just you wait. You have no idea what I have in mind.
6. I'm thankful that I'm able to express myself. Life is less frustrating and more fulfilling when I am. I wasn't allowed to as a child. I was to be seen and not heard. There was so much drama in the home that my feelings weren't noticed by others. I've learned since then that I need to express them, politely, but still communicate when my needs aren't met.
7. I'm grateful that when I don't understand what another is saying, conceptually, I kindly ask the speaker to please explain or clarify what they're saying.

    The conversation becomes clearer for me when I do.  I feel more authentic, when I express my confusion. It's always okay to interrupt----if I do so to better connect with what the person is saying.  Otherwise, it's  awkward, pretending I'm tracking with the speaker when I'm actually confused.

8. I appreciate all you who drop by; in the first 9 days of this month we've had 2,000 viewers.

9. I give thanks to God for his steadfast, patient, gracious love for me. Without it, I could not be who I am.

      May God bless you and your loved ones. Keep looking up and please continue posting!

Image: "Scotland: Loch Cluanie" by Tim Blessed © all rights reserved, used by permission

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