Sunday, September 18

Luckiest Man in the World

      Good evening,

I've had a super fantabulous day. The weather was magnificent and my middle son and I hung out. I saw clients and enjoyed the Island Town of Alameda with my son.

     This week, other than the U.S., in the Attitude of Gratitude Visitor Olympics, the most guests came from the Iberian country of Spain with 267 viewers. Kudos to you. In third place,  were our English visitors with 225.

      If you must know, there were 715 guests from the United States, with a total of 1985 for all the visitors. This figure numbers all guests, including those from 21 other nations, who dropped by this lovely week.

     I'm leaving my gratitudes. Tomorrow, I may have a chance to share thoughts I gathered from this week. 

1. I loved walking to work today, and browsing around town afterwards, on foot, with son number two. My office is two blocks from my house. I couldn't have a better commute. I'm grateful that my need for ease and inspiration are met through the work I do. I'm living out the vision I created earlier this year.

2. The luckiest man in the world, I am. I'm able to invest time in my sons.  We talk freely and delight in the friendship we share. Today, the time with my middle son met my need for acceptance, affection, appreciation, belonging, cooperation, communication, closeness, community, warmth, trust, being understood, to see and being seen.
3. I had an amazing time with a client. We got a lot done. He was happy and so was I. Our session met my need for awareness, celebration of life, challenge, clarity, competence, consciousness, contribution, creativity and efficiency.
4. I love loving my job. How many people are able to say that?  It meets my need for growth, self-stimulation and understanding.
5. The client I saw today called several hours later, telling me that he feels a happiness and lightness he hasn't felt in a long time. Ya ay! I'm happy for him.  Life is good when we know God's will for our life and we appropriate His power to carry it out.

      All in all, I had a terrific, delightful day.

Image:  "Switzerland: Serene" by Tim Blessed © all rights reserved, used by permission

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