Saturday, April 18

This Past Week: The Good ........ 4/18/15

      At the inn, the beginning of a the week is when inventorying the past seven days often happens. We list the highs and lows, the best and worst that took place.  Here's how it worked out for me.                                                                                                                 High points: 
1.  I rode my bike Friday.  Glorious!  I missed using my steel steed.  I was happy taking in the cool bay breeze on a warm day, discharging tension held within.
2.   My car died Thursday.  Now, my transportation is better than ever, I have a different car.
3.   A source of tension is gone.  Enjoying life with more comfort, peace of mind and ease validates steps taken to make this happen. Making an amends to me, by not accepting unacceptable behavior, was the highest of my high points this week.
  4.   My friends rallied around me,  during a time of trouble.  Closeness and companionship nurtures me, making life sweet.  Knowing that I don't have to endure pain alone gives me hope, surrounds my heart with love, providing peace of mind.
5.  Several new clients, have been added to my schedule, as of this month.  I enjoy serving others.
  6.   I saw a play tonight.  Loved it.  It was terrific, spending time with the person who went with me. Got to know him better.
  7.   Soon, very soon, I'll give a workshop in San Leandro.  I love doing them.
  8.   I love an app that helps organize my day. Because of it, I am getting plenty done. I makes it easier to stick to priorities.
  9.   I had an intense conversation this morning, but intensely good.  I even cried, good tears. I am glad I was authentic and present, expressing what troubled and angered me.

How About You? 
What were your high and low points for the past week?
I'd love hearing your answers.

1 comment:

June C. said...

Waaak! I had a high and a low point smushed together this week.
Yes, I am so anxious for reconciliation with someone because I so want (and could really, really use) her cooperation , that I’m catering to her manipulation and getting totally hooked in by defensive hope and guilt. My desire, my need is so powerful, I’m blinded. Realized this after journaling to try to see more logically and objectively. I nowhere near deserve the treatment I am getting. And yet, oh my gosh, I’m allowing it to happen and drag on, drag me down and occupy so much mental/emotional space. I’m being ladled out someone else’s garbage and crap and then on top of that I am made to feel responsible for all of it!!! Unexamined guilt is doing me in. My misplaced guilt is preventing anyone from owning their part in what happened. And I’m letting myself get abused. Plus no healthy solutions.
I believe that with God, nothing is impossible. However, I keep believing that if I love enough, things will work out. I’m delving into this because I want to recognize True Love. In the Creation, I see abundance, harmony, and beauty. It seems logical to be so for us too, in relationship and all other ways because of our position in the universe. I don’t want to be unable to recognize and receive True Love. It’s happened for me in the past. I could not see it, recognize it, and therefore was not able receive it even though it was in plain sight, practically on a golden plate. I don’t think I’m allowing God to work because I’m not applying His Love correctly. Love also means love for myself, justice and fairness, seeing the ENTIRE situation with justice and wisdom. Not just her, ME too. This should have been so obvious!! Obviously, I can’t properly apply Love in this situation without having it for myself as well!!!!

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