Saturday, April 4

The Gift of Easter............. 4/4/15

      Here it is, the day before Easter. I don't want to disap-point anyone, but this holi-day is not about  bunny rabbits, choc-olate candy, pastel Easter eggs or
Nor is this day about wearing fancy clothes to church, collection plates or stained-glass windows.
  None of these items relate to the original meaning of this day which is central to Chris-tianity.  A few years back, I saw a commercial touting Buzz Lightyear balloons for Easter.  I like Buzz Lightyear.  But, Easter has nothing to do with celebrating the icon of a computer gener-ated movie.

      When attending a Humanism and Mysticism class at the University of California, at Berkeley, there were students not familiar with the story of Adam and Eve.  So, for those not familiar with this holy day, Easter commemorates Christ's resurrection from his death. What I write, please take what you like, leaving the rest.

      Christ made many claims, one of which, was that he was the Son of God. He staked all he taught on one test.  He said, that after He died, he would arise three days later. Christ was crucified on a Friday, after a trumped up trial done secretly the night before.

      Roman soldiers were posted at the tomb where Christ was buried, guarding his tomb---under the penalty of death---if they failed. They were assigned to prevent anyone from stealing Christ's body. The Jewish rulers asked the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, to assign this guard, aware of Christ's claim.  To prevent any rumor of Christ's resurrection, was their intent.  They wanted no basis for validating the teaching of this man from Nazareth.

      On Sunday, three days after his death, Christ's tomb was empty.  Shortly afterwards, Jesus appeared to more than 500 witnesses. Christ conquered the power of death.  Christians believe he was God's sacrifice, the sacrificial Lamb of God.

       On his shoulders, while hanging in agony on the cross, the sins of mankind were placed.  He actually died for me, for you. Sins-----past, present and future were paid for, through His death. Christ was human, so that he could empathize with human frailties and needs.  Christians believe He was God in human form, so that his death would be a worthy substitution for the multiple millions who experience forgiveness by placing their faith in Him.

My Gratitudes:
1. I'm humbled Christ died for my sins. I'm grateful for the gift of His sacrifice.  I rebelled against him, as a kid. That did not stop Him from wooing me.  I'm in awe of his patience with me, overlooking my arrogance, when I thought I could live by my power alone. There is no humility in self-will, not living by faith in God.  

2. I'm thankful for the spiritual power available when relying in His strength. In mine, I am can't live the life I want, nor overcome my struggles. I have known the power of his resurrection for more than thirty years. It helps me overcome calamities and gives a peace that transcends the darkest of my circumstances.

3. For Christ rising from the dead, more than two thousand years ago. He overcame not only physical death, but spiritual death as well: depression, sadness, anxiety, guilt and shame.

4. I'm glad that all who call upon him, can share the same experience as the multitudes who believe in Christ.  Anyone who does, will discover an amazing relationship with him. We move from knowing about him, to knowing him in a loving, gentle, personal way.

  Wishing you a special Easter, celebrating its true meaning,

              The Innkeeper


Lemonade said...

Here are my gratitudes for today:

- Christ dying for my sin,to fill the gap between me and God.
- Knowing that my Father loves me and is leading me on a path that He planned.
- That I have loving friends who care and support me.


It is, truly, the Grace of God, by which we live and overcome the afflictions of our spirit.

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