Wednesday, April 22

We Are Not Defined By What Others Think of Us ..... 4/22/15

          It's amazing being maligned. Falsely accused before more than twenty people took place Saturday morning.  It is never acceptable.   Ever.  But, was I glad.  When angry by nature people are upset with me, it means
I am doing something right.

          I am not what other people think of me.  I serve others.  A good father, an individual who is kind, thoughtful, generous and fair, is my nature.  I know my value.  No amount of slander moves me from the foundation of faith and the rock of recovery that allows me to stand firm, even in the most slimey of times.

        Sunday, someone was upset because he did not get immediate attention.  His story made him interpret events in a self-pitying and self-righteous way.  This person didn't check, investigating to see if his perceptions were valid.  He was surprised, finding out I was not moved by his anger.  One iota.  In fact, I dig my heels in, deeper, when someone uses anger or the cold shoulder to motivate.

        Witnessing passive forms of communication is sad.  In a different mood, I'd say funny.  When encountered, I detach with kindness.  How is that possible?  I am internally referented. Others do not dictate my standards.  I hold on to what is dear to me, never wavering from principles and boundaries that guide me as I travel my course in life.

1.  For having perspective. Not allowing others to define me or determine my moods.
2.  For clearer insight into who is safe and is not safe, within my social circle.
3.  For the joy I know because of personal knowledge of a loving, patient and gracious God who empowers me.
4.  For seeing more clearly the depths of depravity of a fellow who tried sullying my reputation.
5.  For each of you who drop by.  Especially when you comment.
6.  For the euphoria I feel when I ride my bike.  Yesterday, I rode for twelve miles (20 km).
How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?

I'll work on this some more, Thursday.  For now, my best for today is good enough.  Have a great and grateful Thursday!

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I am sorry, you had to endure an attack on yourself, and glad, you are able to stand firmly in your belief in your own value. God bless!

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