Monday, April 13

Not Crowding Myself Out of My Life: Living for Me 4/13/15

1.  A wonderful day, starting with a dental appointment at 8:00 a.m.  I took care of seven practical areas today, in addition to having five sessions.  I feel satisfied and happy.  Being effec-tive is deeply satisfying. 
2.  A workshop I will give, soon, in San Leandro. It's fun and thrilling being stretched profes-sionally. This is a delightful change in routine. I love the work involved, preparing for a seminar. 
3.  I'll cycle tomorrow, after it rains. It's a meditation of sorts that
discharges the stress within. 
4.  I am facing ten-sion.  How is that a gratitude?  It forces me to not rely upon my strength alone. That's not only a good thing, but a smart thing to do.  I don't have what it takes to accomplish an unpleasant task I'm facing.  Such moments drives me to lean upon God for the wisdom and strength needed.
5. Today, I made space within my busy day for me.  Does it feel terrific.  It's easy, crowding myself out of my life.  I love the balance that enters my life when nurturing myself.
6.  Today, I saved more than three hundred dollars on a bill. I was talking with the finance person at the dental office regarding what I owed. She decided to do a favor, lowering what I needed to pay.  I didn't even ask for it.  God is good.
7.  I love discovering what is going on inside of friends, instead of interpreting their behavior or expressions through my projections. If something is not clear, I'll ask for clarity. Guessing doesn't work.  I choose to not distort
reality by seeing it through the lens of insecurity and codependency.
8. I enjoy embracing difficult information, sitting with it, discovering what needs of mine are not being met when faced with a problem, or something unpleasant or stressful. The growth part of being authentic is saying what I want and don't want.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Stunningly,Glorious,Radiant,Joy! My soul went to heaven as I gazed upon these beautiful flowers!It met my need for inspiration and awe!
Thank-you for your gratitudes here are mine:
1.Going to church on Sunday,hearing Gods word.
2.Spending time with two wonderful supportive friends.
3.Going to the beach with my Children.
4.Being treated with much kindness and taken out lunch.
5.Celebrating my sons seventeenth birthday.That day seventeen years ago happened to be Easter Sunday.I remember feeling very blessed to have him born on that day!
6.A friend going with me to a new meeting.

Jane G. Yorkshire

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