Tuesday, April 28

I'm Back ............... 4/28/15

     It is chal-lenging, diving off the high dive of turmoil and personal growth the past few weeks.  The intensity, more than I care to know, testing the limits of my equanimity.  Multitudes of feelings, I am proces-sing . Joy. Anger. Con-fusion, Resentment. More joy.

My Gratitudes: 
1.  For breathing.  Taking deep breaths is a terrific way to reduce stress.  It
actually slows the heart down.
2.  For time with friends, enjoying one another's company. Laughter makes my heart glad, being appreciated does also.  I had plenty of that this weekend when I gathered with others.
3.  For putting my foot down, not
giving in to bullies.  I like the fact I can revisit commit-ments, changing them, when they no longer serve my best interests.  I don't care to relate with others who add toxicity to my personal world.
4.  For my connection with God. It gives a perspective and a strength that is beyond my capabilities.  I like the peace I enjoy when I turn
over my issues to the God of my under-standing.
5.  For expressing my voice when disap-pointed or troubled by another.
6.  For spending time, nurturing me. How? By studying new material.  I love growing and this happens when I apply what I research.
7.  For not living in isolation. It feels good, being supported by others, being a part of a community. I don't have to make decisions alone.  There are others who help broaden my perspective.
8.  For rest.  My life is balanced when I make a point to take care of my physical welfare. It helps me to thrive.

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes for today?


Someone said...

My three gratitudes for today are:

1. So as I was working extra hours at Fedex, a fellow co-worker of mine noticed that my Fedex ID badge was torn up, and he said that he could replace mine with one of his that he had. I told him that I was okay with my badge if he didn't have another one, but he insisted and I thanked him for that. I thought that was a great act of kindness and he didn't even have to do that, but still did; and I appreciate him for that.

2. I'm grateful to be able to use a car to and from work, it helps me relax more during my break in between shifts.

3. Lastly I'm grateful for having the time to just give myself time off to rest and not have to try and do extra things in my life for today, instead just rest and relax so that I can feel better for tomorrow.

Pablo said...

Dear Someone,

Thanks for dropping by! It must have felt great, someone was considerate towards you at work, what a pleasant surprise!

I bet you need for independence is also met by having a car handy. I am also hearing that you are providing balance in your life. Kudos to you!

Thank you, for dropping by, reading an commenting. It makes my work here as the innkeeper, fun and worthwhile.

Thumper said...


I really need to focus on my gratitudes during this challenging time.

1. I was treated to a delightful birthday evening by a wonderful friend!
2. Loyal, safe and true friends that lend a listening ear and provide excellent perspective when needed.
3. My sister who was there for me with comfort and reassurance when I truly needed it.
4. The amazing man in my life who continually encourages, celebrates and loves me no matter what!

Pablo said...

Dear Thumper,

Glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday celebration. What made it special? What would we do, if it weren't for our supportive network? You have me intrigued, curious as to how your sister helped you.

Kudos to you, for having an exceptional marriage. You are indeed blessed! I bet he believes he's lucky having you as his better half.

Thank you, for dropping by, reading and sharing FOUR gratitudes. You made the innkeeper happy!

Dan said...

Hi Pablo,
Life has had a lot of ups and downs lately but remarkably enough, I don't feel battered at all.

Here are some gratitudes:
1. That when I was closer to broke than I've been in years, I expressed my fears and needs to a group of friends and someone I only slightly knew offered me an assignment that may turn into a long term gig.
2. That I left my keys in my unlocked car overnight in plain sight on a busy street over night and no one stole my car!
3. That when I discovered what I'd done in #2 above I didn't kick myself and call myself names. Instead I gave thanks (to whoever) and went on my way.
4. The very beautiful world we live in, and that I have had opportunities to see so much of it, both around the world and in my own backyard,
5. That I have known and continued to know so many wise and helpful people.
6. That I am reasonably healthy for my age.
7. And reasonably sane given my history.
8. And that my creativity continues to flow.

For all these things I am grateful.

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