Tuesday, February 28

Disappointing News Affecting This Inn

Image: "Revealed" by Tim Blessed. Copyrighted photo. Used by permission. 

Ed. note: issue resolved 3/1/12. I'm happy. 
       Hi there,
I'm sorry, but I need to vent.
       Over the past few hours Blogger changed, at least for my blog, the format used when I write. I'm uncomfortable that I have no
say in the matter.
      I preferred being different from most writers, expressing my individuality. I indented my paragraphs, the old-fashioned way. Now, I don't have that option.
      I find flat edges to writing sterile. [This issue was solved 3/1/12] The unpredictability of indented writing keeps the reader and this writer alert. The writing looked less boiler plate in style.
     Do we have to go the way of modern society? Does this have to be done through coercion, without explanation? Could not Blogger exercise some regard for our uniqueness, for how we choose to format our writing? [See ed. notes above.]
      I know some guests to this inn will find my concerns petty. You are welcome to think that way. I don't agree. Freedom of expression, should mean much for all of us. I strongly value my autonomy and individuality. These changes, without warning feels like a Big Brother experience that comes twenty-eight years after the fact. (Think, 1984 by George Orwell.)
      As of tonight, Blogger also limits the size of the photos posted. That's exasperating. They will now be almost thumbnail in size. Whew! That's hard to swallow. I don't like my voice being removed, when decisions are made on my behalf. That disturbs me.
      There's several reasons for the photos I post, something I've done for nearly the one year this inn has been open.
       I find pictures add warmth and beauty. Photographs are an oasis for our linear mind. Reading words uses the left hemisphere of our brain. This part is linear. Art uses the right part of our brain which is NOT linear, and that's very good for us. 
       Pictures allow us to breathe, mentally. 
       Please let me know I have it wrong. Tell me it's something I'm doing incorrectly, that caused these stylistic changes. I gladly will admit error, if that would bring back the look of my blog. Am I wrong? Please, tell me I am. [An admininstrative person unknowingly had changed my settings.]
        I hope that waking up tomorrow, I'll find these changes were a glitch. [They were.]

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