Friday, August 16

Handling Stress 8/16/13

       How are you?

Life has its drama.   One source, unexpected unpleasant information, was brought my way, today, during a phone call.   It's an opportunity for practicing patience and grace towards
myself.  This recent news motivates me to walk, run, cycle----exercise, in any way---to discharge the frustration and tension it has created.

My Gratitudes for Today: 

1.  I'm thankful for knowing what to do when stressed.   I slept in, made time to rest throughout the day, and took in a movie, this evening, The Butler.
2.  When distracted, like I was today----because of the bad news---I appreciate having goals and priorities.
"Goals give us direction. They put a powerful force into play on a universal, conscious, and subconscious level. Goals give our life direction."  Melody Beattie
They keep me focused and conscious of my use of time.  My goals have time limits and are scheduled into the day, with actual times set.  I love getting tasks done.  That happened today.
3.   Someone last night paid me country doctor wages for a session I had with him: two home-cooked chicken meals that included potatoes.  I enjoyed one of them this evening.  Yum!
4.  I've been catsitting, caring for two cats, for a friend who's out of town for nearly a week.  It's been a delight, connecting with these furry critters.  They are adorable and loving, a pleasure to take care of.   I appreciate their affection.
5.  I'm thankful for knowing that there is only one God and I'm not it. I'm doing my best to respond as healthily as I can with the details shared with me today. After, that, I leave the results up to God.

How About You? 

What helps you deal with stress?  I would love ideas that could help me during this difficult time.


Vanessa Higgins said...

I call a friend a vent away. I love verbal talk therapy.

I meditate and calm my mind. Let good feelings in and the bad ones out.

I colour or draw, directing my emotions to a place of creativity and ideas.

Pablo said...

Dear Vanessa,

Thank you, for your suggestions. I will try your suggestions.

Thank you for visiting the inn and wish you a terrific new week!

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