Friday, August 30

Great Fun: Nurturing the Child Within 8/30/13

The game of Pit.  This calm hand is for illustra-
tive purposes only.  It belies the intensity and 
craziness of this game. 
     Good evening.

Did you have a good day?  Mine nurtured and stretched me; the night provided entertainment, laughter, and plenty of fun.  Recalling tonight's time in Alameda
with two cats, seven friends, young---9 and 14---and old (never mind), causes a smile to remain firmly planted on the innkeeper's face as he writes this post.

     We played Pit.  The neighbors hearing us tonight thought we were crazy. We were, delightfully so, in five minute bursts.  Thanks to Theresa, who routinely posts gratitudes here, we encamped at her place, hunched over a table, periodically diving across it, as we grasped for the last spoon, to avoid a twenty point penalty.

      We screamed with fervor, moaning when someone cornered the market in this game, when we  were  so close---one card away from claiming victory.

      Mark joined us tonight; he did not participate in the bedlam.  Instead, he performed classical music on the guitar for three hours.  He attempted to calm the playful but savage beast of competition that emerged from the pack huddling in the living room.  Furiously, cards were slammed on the table as shrieks of "Two, two, two!!!" and, "Three, anybody has three??!" roared within Theresa's abode.  Tending to wounded and mangled fingers, the result of clawing for the last remaining spoon, would take place afterwards.

       One woman claimed to have "Pit Flashes," so overheated was she from the rigors of screaming, grabbing, and diving.  Windows were thrown open and a fan was produced, cooling us from Pit fever.  One moment of pitched battle required a seven minute break, all of us catching our breath and achieving momentary sanity as we listened to Mark play "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," by Bach.  Click on the video above, to join in on a part of last night.

      Mark's effort at restoring tranquility, with stringed music, was valiant, but futile.  His attempts at pacifying the intensity of flying fur---the result of maniacal competition----was more daunting than trying to place a chokehold on raging water.  This white-haired gentleman eventually came to terms that our love for one another was held in abeyance until the game ended.

     Allowing the child within to surface, with eyes and hearts filled with mirth, while yelling at the top of our lungs, was emotionally delicious.

Gratitudes for Friday:
1.  The work week is over.  Ya ay!   This was an emotionally difficult week, taxing me more than usual.
2.  Thursday I cycled 24 miles, riding for more than two hours.  I needed to discharge the stress pent-up within.
3.   This week, I did not allow emotional vampires to suck out all the stores of strength within me.  On one occasion, I detached, taking care of me---spending time alone.  After another emotionally draining moment, I connected with friends with whom I enjoy mutuality, support and balance.  Both were healthy alternatives to stress that restored me to the tranquility and ease needed.
4.  This week prompted growth, although the tuition for this week's lessons was exhaustion and uncertainty. That's okay. I may not know the future, but I know Who holds it.
5.  Gathering with others, playing Pit was fun.  Celebrating life tonight was a wonderful antidote for this weary soul. I will only need a few stitches tomorrow, when I visit the doctor.  :->

How About You? 
What have you done recently, to let off steam? 


Theresa Elander said...

I am grateful for this lovely day. I had a lovely early bike ride this a.m. The water was like a mirror and the wind was nonexistent.

I am grateful for my garden. Things are growing exceedingly well. Lots of blooms now and fruit on its way. I love nature.

I am grateful for laughter and fun. I truly enjoyed the intensity of playing pit last evening with friends.
It was crazy and loud and I felt like I was 10 years old.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Your pit game on Friday night sounds like it was a total blast! Bless you for inspiring this regular, mirthful gamesmanship! I look forward to joining in the fun one day soon...

Cycling, hiking around our back yard and good music turned up loud in my car, help me to let off steam...

My Gratitude's on this Saturday night are;

1. That my wife and I could join friends at a monthly pot-luck social around healing experiences, strength and hope, and hear two excellent speakers while dining on a somehow perfect collection of ever-appearing, random courses!

2. That our couple could then, on the way home, take some quality time to off-load thoughts, feelings and realizations, building up this past week or two.

3. That our #3 son, who is starting his senior year of college, and at the same time in a housing transition, seems to be taking responsibility for his naivete, poor choices in friends and roommates, and summer break rebellion, to clean up his life, and get re-settled. Looking forward with loving detachment to hearing how that is going tomorrow evening, during our weekly family dinner.

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