Thursday, August 8

A Record Day ......8/8/13

      What a day for the inn.  Counting the gratitudes I categorized in my previous post---five, and the five in this one, plus those from guests who dropped by and shared their joys in the post before this, there were
thirty-three expressions of gratitude, a record number for one day, here.  Hurray!!

      In this economy, with the cloud of terrorism hanging over the world, the stress endured in today's pressurized society and the concerns we have for the future, I'm proud of those contributing thankfulness on this day, with their gratitudes.

     So many things go on in a given week. Last week three people connected with God in a way that was a first for them. Witnessing that was humbling and thrilling, all-in-one.

My Gratitudes for Wednesday:
1.  Yesterday, from 9:45 p.m. to 11:45 p.m., I was engulfed in a magical, midnight blue moment while standing along the southern shoreline of Alameda, with sand entering my shoes.  When I'm not tired, I'll share about Tuesday evening, when the wind sang to me and the glittery lights of the San Francisco Peninsula bathed my senses with quiet pleasure. I took notes and will give a full report, soon.

 I'm was thrilled to be still, soaking in the majesty of a blustery, twinkly shore and the Western Pacific horizon.  It's great, being filled with awe, reminded of the beauty this world offers.
2.  In between sessions, today, I prepped for a talk I gave tonight.  Lovely.  It's one of my favorite things to do, the studying that goes into a talk. All went well. That's lovely too.  I enjoy growing in my effectiveness,  using my abilities to serve others.
3.  Someone special attended tonight's event. Boy, did that make me happy. Afterwards, four of us hung out at the refurbished, Juanita's while hearing music there, the likes of which never emanated from their walls before: Gloria Esteban, Julio Iglesias and other contemporary Hispanic singers.

    The laughter and humor shared among us, as we sat in padded adult high chairs, the new rage for restaurants, was divine.
4.  I'm clearer regarding the details of my business.  I appreciate order, and the tranquility it provides, as well as emotional ease.
5.  I'm humbled by the Great Big Life God has given me.  I have fantastic friends, a terrific family, a strength that allows me to face life's challenges and a loving, nurturing relationship with God.

How About You? 
How has your life improved, the past month?

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Thursday night, I am grateful to;

1. Have just attended a lovely dinner program with friends in a sprawling, hill-top Berkeley home, with grand vistas of the slowly-fog-shrouded SF Bay and Golden Gate, while treated to live music and a most engaging talk about the importance of spirituality in art and culture, in our lives.

2. Remember to breathe, exhale, say the Serenity Prayer, and let go of imagined calamities, after (literally!) 12 hours on the road.

3. Arrive home, put my feet up and polish off the last few spoonfuls of Haagen-Dazs Mango Ice Cream!

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